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  1. Hi Email head office off their website as in the terms and conditions they have to supply you with a loaner, also ask the manager what they suppose to do as they arent adhering to the terms and conditions of the osc, (they hate you quoting the T&C's) you will at least get a credit each week its away, keep pushing for your remote again mention this to head office as for every customer that complains the manager's bonus and payrise is at risk so you will find every time you contact head office the store will start to bend over backwards for you. P.S if you arent satisfied with the manager'
  2. Hi sorry ive been working all week. 1st of all with regards to their comment bout gaurentee has ran out so cant replace the OSC extends the warenty in all avenues and this includes replacement though it only replaces if the item is beyond ecconomical repair. I would say to them that you are not happy as this fault is re-accurring and ask for a replacemnt data protection doesnt come into it as all items are completly referb'd before they can be sold, if they refuse ask for a loaner as they can supply these tho very often choose not to. Also they arent adhering to their side of the contract
  3. Hi What a nightmare you have had but unfortunatly this is always happening at brighthouse. 1st of all they are are not adhering to their side of the contract as they are not supplying you with an item that is in full working order therefore you can get out of your contract. 2nd they should have a spare remote in the local service centre as remotes are always getting lost from the items hence why the company policy is to not take the remotes when the system goes in for repair. If they order you a remote it will be a universal one as this is cheaper for them to buy in. I would suggest that
  4. Hi your right it shouldnt be in that condition and the Bryony was always a problem suite, my advice is try and bluff brighthouse ring for a service call and see if they pick up on the fact you have no osc (this is frequently over looked) if they notice ask them to come out for a quote and talk with the upholster while he is there he will more than likely tell you that this a manufacturing fault as the Bryony's are a problem suite. If it is a manufacturing fault you will then be covered by sales of goods act and you can pursue to get it repaired free of charge. But dont let the store staff co
  5. Yeah and old area manager's of Brighthouse its exactly the same company but longer terms with a little less APR you still pay back more
  6. Hi I just need to add something no one should get in the comfort zone of they wont take you to coust cause I was emploed by brighthouse until recently and they will take you to court if the item is worth enough to them if you have had a large new LCD tv for 12 months they will start action but only if you cease payments if you continue to pay an accepable amount they wont take you as it isnt viable for them to do this it also depends on the region you are in.
  7. Hi You are right the sofas are very poorly made as they are only supported by chipwood what sofa is it you have? As you have removed OSC and the sofa is more than a year old they wont repair it free of charge my advice is put the OSC back on give it a few weeks then call them out to repair it, the only risk is they might want to come out and assess the condition (very unlikely tho) once you have claimed give it another few weeks then remove it they will fight you on it as you have claimed but the T&C's dont mention anything bout being unable to cancel if you have claimed.
  8. Hi I used to be a manger at Brighthouse and if you are only 1 week behind you will only owe 2 weeks payment and £2.70 late fee per agreement and this late fee is only applied once no matter how many weeks you are in arrears but they will be re applied if you pay upto date then fall behind. My advice to you is ask for a re-write as you can only afford 1 weeks payments if they refuse still only pay the £50 every week as you would. If they refuse the re-write email the head office from the website stating your complaint but ask for this to be dealt with by a Regional manager as the store have n
  9. Hi I was a store manager for Brighthouse for several years and I know all the aspects of the business and the things they dont want you to know. Any problems, questions, queries or concerns I can help please just ask.
  10. Hi I used to work for Brighthouse as a manager, my advice to you is if you no longer want the item ask them to come and get it, if they mention the arrears advise you can only aford to pay it back at £1 a week they wont pursue you for money once they have the item back so you wouldnt even have to pay this, and I know they wont take you to court as it isnt viable for them to do this. Anything else just ask
  11. Hi I am a former Store Manager of a Brighthouse store and I know all the aspects of the business and the loop holes. I know how customers are treated and the stress they are put under if they fall into arrears even by just a day. If you have any questions, queries, concerns or just want to let off steam i can help.
  12. Hi all As a former Brighthouse employee I started with the company as an Account Rep and progressed on to be a Store Manager so I know all aspects of the business and all the things they dont want you to know and I left due to the way they wanted me to treat customers. If anyone has any questions, queries or concerns I would be happy to help
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