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  1. Thanks for the advice I will send that letter ASAP the solicters are called gramham and wright
  2. Hi just thought I would up date you on what has been happining, I have been away at a friends for a week the cca should of been sent to me by the 4th August as of yet I have recieved nothing. But they are still calling me my friend answered and was told I should contact them as it was urgent I have not called them back and they are phoning me up to 6 times a day, I spoke to there soliceters on the 17th July telling them I would only speak to them via mail and he said I would have to send 10 pounds to get the info I requested yet roxburghe sent me a letter that came the same day saying that the
  3. sorry the solicetors phoned me today not roxburghe same people though just different phone line thanks for all your help:)
  4. just got a letter from roxburghe saying they recieved my letter and that they will send aggrement out in next 12 days also they said they would put my account on hold does that mean the should not off phoned me today? at home and work
  5. HI I have sent both harrassment letter and letter requesting a copy off credit aggrement last week sent them again as first ones were not registered they have phoned again at my home and workplace, I ha to phone them as my bos was not happy with the phone calls they said they can phone me at work up to 3 times a day! They have also said I have to send ten pound to get all my account information any one can help will be much appricated
  6. Have sent the letters got a nice letter from there solicitors today, Graham and White googled them dont seem to be able to find them. there saying its a final warning, faked signed by a micheal sobell
  7. Thanks everyone will do all you have said and see what happens welcome have been on my case for five yrs never ending dept they havent even told me how much I have paid of it just sent letters saying how much I owe must of paided the debt 3 times over would'nt recomend to anyone.
  8. Haha good idea take a pic with my phone only thingis told them I didnt have a mobile so they wouldnt bug me phonin that
  9. Thanks for that is it okay for me to do these letters in hand writing as my printer is broke, and would they make any difference as I have already payed some of the debt off in the last five yrs also they now where I live as I have spoke to a very cold and demanding lady from roxburghe last yr
  10. Hi hope someone can help? I owe Welcome finance 2k I have been paying a 3k loan since 2003, I had to stop payoing as i came out of work they called my previous emplyer who told them how to contact me, They came to my house and wouldnt go until i arranged to pay some money felt insecure was on my own with new baby I started payin off the depted to them at 40 pounds a month even thought this got me into further dept as i had just had a baby. I defaulted on this a couple of times due to my partner bein ill,I arranged to pay them the usal way they visited my door once a month but they then chan
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