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  1. From my part, i work in a homeless project so if they do end up on the street i will make sure they bloody well stay there!! and i am not joking either........ as soon as i hear the words welscum the homeless interview shall be over and the gutter shall beckon!
  2. Just as an update, just got letter from FOS stating they have my complaint and will contact Welscum and come back to me. Usual stuff about 2 month wait minimum etc... just glad the ball is rolling now... sit and wait...
  3. Keep your eyes peeled on the telly mark. you will see an advert for "quick quid" or something similar and the apr is......wait for it over 2000!!!!!!!! absolutely ***kin amazing! Surely these must be inbred welscummers?
  4. Okay, got lette rfrom FOS. Had forgotten to put the final response letter in with the form! Never mind... good thing is, at least theyve read it! So delays may not be too long i hope. Sent it back Friday so alls well. Been looking around the threads for the Welscum and it dont look too good for them does it. I was tempted to ring them last week and when someone answered just laugh out loud for three minutes then replace the handset! Very childish i agree... but very rewarding overall. I will cry tears of joy the day this lot go under. Saying that however, i was amased to see yet another ******
  5. CATTLES Discussion CTT CTT.L - Interactive Investor Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. You may have to change your user name now to " a glimmer of hope"!
  7. Yes, as in, CATTLES Discussion CTT CTT.L - Interactive Investor Ive read it now and its not only true, but hilarious!! 10am tomorrow they are on the dole...
  8. CATTLES Discussion CTT CTT.L - Interactive Investor READ THIS!!!!!
  9. Just read it..........hillarious!!!!!!!! All like rats off a sinking ship. Thats made my bloody year already! Cant wait till 10am tomorrow... I myself had some good calls to some very "understanding" female staff a few months back. But i quickly turned after i was slowly led a merry dance.... think the ploy was keep me thinking ive had a favour done while busilly shafting me on the sly! One thing i cant get a handle on though is, what potentially would happen to existing loans and customers?
  10. Just read this on the net looking for MIF. Its for a MIG (same i think) Quote: MIG: Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee. If you borrow more than 75% of the value of your house, you'll probably get stung with one of these. It insures the lender against you being unable to pay. Even though it's you that pays this premium, it still won't stop you ending up at the Salvation Army soup kitchen. My own property was at 36000 when i bought it. At time of loan 1 year later the house next door sold for 72000! And they still hit me with this... I feel they are on thin ice with making this one st
  11. How accurate is this administration rumour? and what would this mean when is receivership to current clients?
  12. Okay, today i got 2 letters, 1 from the FOS and one from the ****. FOS letter was simply aknowledgement of receipt of complaint about wellscum and stated they are very busy so may wait a bit for actioning.. ive no prob with this as im patient chap Anyway, letter from wellscum says as ive not signed and returned their silly contract that in 2 weeks they would tear up my complaint (da da da daaa!) cue dramatic music... i of course will respond with recorded letter stating once again i want complaint left open and am willing to sign another contract as long as its has no ppi, no life insuran
  13. Mark1arby. I agree, i should have kept that agreement instead of ripping it up in a temper. Lose your cool and lose the fight isnt it? Good advice and i will not destroy anything from now on....
  14. I accept your point fully. However, it must be remembered that these are peoples lives that he is giving advice on and advice whilst welcomed, must also be given most carefully and not with abandon. Mark, i feel, was understandably annoyed with this and lets face it, debt is an amotive issue and if he feels any mailice towards any past emplyees of wlescum then i for one wont lose any sleep over that. Major player, whilst purporting to be of sound advice, it must be remembered, also, 7 years ago used his/hers judgement back then in choosing to work for this ****..... need i elaborate?
  15. Which makes it all the more spurious
  16. Just thought....protective hats is a great idea for welscum, as it can protect their victims from the massive amount of cack that undoubtadly is about to land on them in the form of debt..
  17. No mate, not exactly. Sorry wasnt more clear.... Mif was on original agg but ive asked them to remove the mif,ppi and life ins. They replied with just removal of ppi. So theres no way i was signing it as it gives them power to say i now agree to pay it sort of thing... Trouble is with these nobs is that when you have more than one issue, theres another dept to deal with it. So if you have three issues then you can almost hear the fuses inside thier brains blowing! This of course, also works well for them. These so called depts are probably soemone sat on the other side of the office tossin
  18. Just As An Addendum... In Regard To Certian People Slating Mark For His Comments... I Have This Peice Of Advice... Read The Whole Thread!!! You Will See He Has Merely Mirrored And Repeated Remarls Made By Major Player And They Are Not Comments Of His Own. As Was Stated Last, Lets Stick Together On This. However I Have To Say That I Do Smell A Rat With Certain "advice"
  19. Well Said Mark... Major Player......it Seems As Though You Were Playing As Well As Les Dawson With That Advise.
  20. you wont beleive this, but ive only just got a reply!! Its basically a redrwn contract with no mention of refunding me. Ive torn the contract up and chucked it in the bin... ill be sending them another letter tomorrow asking them "why the mortage indemnity fee is still on the new one"?! Total idiots... Anyway, im going nowhere matey, i am very patient and i will mess with them until they pay up and cancel these illegal additions to the loan. I think its time to go to FSA also now as ive plenty of ammo.... How should i do that and were do i start people?
  21. Received a letter or response last week from Wellscum after i approached them for cancellation of PPI and repayment including return of fees for life insurance and a mortgage indemnity fee wrongly applied to my loan ( i had over 120% equity at time of loan!) Anyway, after a call from them telling me they had refunded me 12 pounds ( hooray!) i asked why my monthly payments had not altered. they replied that "of course they wont" eh? what? how does that work then? i have a clear breakdown of costings for each part of the loan and this must surely be reflected when this ppi taken off. Anyway,
  22. New Square Chambers - Interest Calculator
  23. If you go to the home page, a ppi calculator is listed there for you. I myself am sarting out with these morons and will enjoy messing with their heads.. See it through and be brave, they know you are worried whats at stake, but if you can remove yourself emotionally from the worry of losing all that cash then you will see that this is just a blag from them. That contract is so illegal its silly!! If you were to sign that then someone at Welcome is going to the nick.. Trust me, i know, ive had plenty of cash back and deal with this type of **** in my job as a finance debt adv
  24. check this out PPI Reclaiming Guide: Get £1,000s back on loan insurance...
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