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  1. I know my previous post contained lots of questions but is anybody able to help as I'm starting to panic a bit?
  2. Thank you once again. I have spent the last few days trying to decide what to do for the best but I know I have to respond in the next couple of days so need to make up my mind quickly. The information regarding Time Orders is very interesting and I have a couple of questions. If I apply for a time order do I still have to send the acknowledgement of service and how would I complete that to take the TO application into account? The charges add up to around £1000 so do I acknowledge part of the debt and try and defend that, or acknowledge the whole amount and try to reclaim that at a la
  3. Firstly, to be honest I'm not sure whether I should be defending the claim or not. I haven't got much experience of all this and I'm not sure what my defence would be. I know there are charges to be reclaimed on the account and I know I can't afford to pay the whole lot so my main concern is that i would get a CCJ which would then allow them to apply for charging orders etc. I'll look for the paperwork now but I know I don't have a copy of the agreement so I will have to send the CPR letter. In the meantime should I acknowledge receipt of the claim? I know the budget section etc is to
  4. Thanks Rebel, that was all that was in the POC section. I will read your link.
  5. The issue date is 21st June. The Particulars of Claim state; "1. The Claimants are Bankers whose registered office is ...... 2. By an agreement in writing & regulated by the CCA 1974, the Claimants issued to the Defendant a credit-token, Lloyds TSB Platinum AmEx Card, to aquire goods & services on credit. 3. The agreement provided the Bank to send the Debtor a monthly statement showing (i)balance due (ii)minimum payment (iii)date for payment. If the balance was not paid & if the debtor made the minimum payment, the Debtor should pay interest on the remainder of the balance. 4. In
  6. Thanks so much for your help so far, feel a bit better straight away just knowing there's advice out there.
  7. I'll recalculate the fees then. Can I include default charges etc? Does this have any effect on them taking me to court or my response? I'll post the summons asap.
  8. I thought I could only claim for charges over and above the £12 so that those incurred after 2007 weren't included. Any suggestions regarding how to proceed with the summons?
  9. Thanks for the reply. The summons arrived on Friday so I still have a few days to sort out a response. If by default charges you mean late payment/arrears charges then yes we have those on all the accounts. The late payment charges on this account prior to the reduction in 2007 are only £120 though. The majority of charges were applied after this date.
  10. Hi all, This is my first post and I'll try to keep it simple. Back in November 2010 payments to LLoyds for 3 credit cards and a large overdraft became impossible. We were offered help from family in the form of a lump sum which LLoyds declined so we then offered a token monthly payment of £30 to be split between all accounts until things improve. They accepted the £30 and we believed this would be split, but to cut a long story short, Wescot informed us that Lloyds don't accept bulk payments and we should've made individual offers of payment to each account. To try to clarify the si
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