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  1. I’ve asked you for directions, and I’ve told you precisely where I want to go. I’ve even told you what I want to do when I get there. But you demand that before you tell me (even if you have the slightest idea what direction I should take); that I strip naked, then hand over my bank details and pin numbers! You demand to see EVIDENCE of what I want to do when I get there! I’m not going to publish them for the same reason I (and you) don’t publish your personal details here. I am comfortable about your ethics, but in case you forgot there are lots of strange people looking over your shoulders, and I don’t trust them! You do good work here, you fight the good fight, help the weak and reassure the scared. Reading some of these threads has been educational, but also a bit like watching a bad western…… ‘its all right mizzy, your safe now. We grizzled old-timers will ride back to your ranch with you, and whup those pesky varmints. YEE HAH‘! …..Then there is the fun of taking potshots at the trolls as they poke their silly heads over the horizon for you to pick off (new analogy now) like a bad war film….. ’Did you see me wing the Blighter? Yes Algy, that’s another Hun that won’t bother our loved ones again. Yikes Charlie, there’s more of the blighters, lets get ‘em lads; TALLY HO!……. Its good work like I said and your so Bl***y good at it that you can do it in your sleep. In fact, looking at the time some messages get posted……. Then I turn up (and yes you have made it very clear that I’m in the wrong place); with something different. It’s not the usual ’please rescue me’. Hey, maybe it’s a troll in disguise, prod it a few times with a stick to see if it bites. Then we can stomp it‘! You seem to be starting to lean in this direction now….. Fact! I have nothing to do with Wolverhampton. Fact! I am not, nor have ever been a member of, nor been associated in any way with the BPA, Mr McCarthy*. Don’t bother any more, I’ll go away, and you can revert to Krytenesque ‘Smug Mode’ whilst rescuing damsels in distress. You never need admit to the fact that as far as that guidance I asked for; you just don’t know the way! Nor do I. (In fact, it may well not exist). Yes, I probably am the idiot here, because I was absurd enough to think that a loose collective of (genuinely admirable, committed and skilled) armchair lawyers might think outside the box, might take the merest step outside their comfort zone. Sorry for wasting your time, but don’t worry, I wasted more of mine writing this than you did reading it. If you want to keep on deriding me, feel free. (looks like dogsh*t, smells like dogsh*t, tastes like dogsh*t; just as well we didn‘t tread in it! Maybe a BPA virus, or a new type of troll? We‘ll never know Boys…). I’ll check this thread every so often to see if someone new has come along who can respond to me at face value and make a sensible suggestion to what I still feel was a reasonable request. TTFN. (*Joe, if you anyone needs help. Hope not.)
  2. Lots of fair points, well made. I’ll deal with them as best I can. Mustang67, I too am a motorist. I have not set out to take money off the motorist. But I also do not believe that my being a motorist means God gives me right to park my car where it blocks delivery accesses, wheelchair ramps etc. As a motorist I can’t claim that is reasonable for me to park my car on somebody else’s property just because it is convenient for me. All I want the landowner to have a legitimate, and non-threatening means to persuade me not to trespass SO HE DOESN’T CLAMP MY CAR! I want any cr*p that he chooses to dump on me, if I dump my car where its not wanted to be proportionate and reasonable. I thought this forum expected contributors to demonstrate basic politeness……… M Jamberson, You say you don't want to see parking control run by "free enterprise" companies, but you also describe your idea as a "valuable asset". So are you in fact interested in setting a private company up yourself to make money? Sorry that I created some confusion. To clarify, I don’t want to set up and run a free enterprise business. I want the Gov, or Local Authorities to run Parking Reserve, so it doesn’t get run like another clamping business or bordering-on-illegal PCC. I would like to earn a fee from licensing the Intellectual Property to them. Sameagle, I’d heard of a couple of Lords who might forward my work, but the price had too many zeros for my pocket. RichardM. Many local authorities are absolving themselves of the need to enforce parking issues by farming it out to the private companies. They are not absolving themselves of the responsibility; they have only relatively recently taken it on, since they were given the right to decriminalise parking control. Most of them have outsourced/subcontracted the enforcement, but the responsibility and accountability still resides with the Local Authorities. Why would they want to go back into the business, in what appears to be an even more complex way? Because they make money out of it. ? Surely, it is the individual or business that was wronged who would be legitimately entitled to that money, not the government. I’m not so sure. This argument is the one that has been used to justify clamping ever since it arrived here. See pin1onu message on this thread:-some see some merit in this argument. Personally, I don’t. My intent in transferring any revenue away from the landowner is to remove the temptation for the landowner to bend the rules in his favour and just use his land to extort money from those who trespass. SEE 'The Paradox of the Clamp' at the beginning of this thread. BUT I am not 100% certain that I have the right answer to this question. PR could easily as direct revenue to Landowner as to the exchequer, I’m content not to play God, and will leave the ethicalists or the Home Office to decide. Who is going to do the enforcement? Most LA's have proved themselves little better than the PPC's when it comes to traffic enforcement. They aren’t good! But they are the best we’ve got. And I’d rather have PATAS to whom I can appeal, than rely on the integrity, goodwill and moral integrity of the PCC’s. If the local authorities are going to do the enforcement, then the budget for that comes out of the public purse, ie yours and my pocket……..or is this supposed to be a profit making scheme for the LA's, in which case you're back to square one of entrapment. Yes, it is intended to make them a profit. There are ‘rotten boroughs’ but I see no reason to assume that entrapment will be the norm. I've seen some obviously bloody minded practice from the L.A's, but I would be curious to know what proportion of tickets fall under that heading? Maybe a new thread in itself......The PATAS option is still there which doesn’t exist with the PCCs and the Clampers. Once again, I know it isn’t perfect, but its far better than what we have or anything else on the table. Any scheme which allows local authorities to enforce on private land WILL require a change in the law. If you say so. It’s a blessing that you know my work better than I do. And yes, I do know the law. You say that you have contacted a number of local authorities and MP's, none of which have shown any interest in the scheme. Have you considered that their lack of interest may be down to simply not believing that it as good an idea as you think. Yes, of course I have! Lots of you don’t believe I can do as I claim. Some of them feel the same. Many of them have no real interest in dealing with clampers. Some of them want me to tell them how it works without confidentiality so they can; (if the idea is any good), acquire it for their own profit! Certainly, your pitch for the idea on here has not been a great success, AGREED since we still have absolutely no idea what you are actually proposing. Unfair. You know WHAT I am proposing. When someone has asked me a question or requests clarification, I have tried to respond openly, even in the face of some fairly hostile attitudes. I have chosen not to place in the Public Domain HOW it works, and clearly explained why! I am sorry if you consider that insufficient. Iamma, I hope I have adequately responded to your point earlier in this post. To add to it, I have been advised that NESTA would be happy to fund me if I needed finance for further product development, so why should I have interest in Dragons Den. I am not looking for finance, or business partners. Crem Why do you think council PCNs work out any cheaper than PPC invoices? granted they do at the start when they offer you a £80 fine discounted to £40 say. But very quickly, if you don't get this PCN or are away or whatever, very quickly it goes up to over £100, a court order is issued, and bailiffs are involved with the cost now up to 3, 4 or 500 pound!! If this is the "better route" you are advocating I don't see it myself. I say again Councils are not good when it comes to Parking Control. But they are better than the PCC’s. They are better than the Clampers. They are better than the ***** who put your car on a low loader, cart it off and impound it. The appeal procedure is unsatisfactory, but its better than NONE. And NONE is the status quo I am trying to change. GCR Aside from the obvious difficulties of the Council ticketing on private land..... I was unaware that I had referred to Councils ticketing on Private Land. ...this seems to be substituting one injustice for another. From what very little we know of the system, it might be better than some wheelclampers but that does not make it right. It would just allow the Councils to get their hands on more of our hard earned. Fair point, GCR. Lets tackle the question you raise here. Please, all of you who doubt what I am trying to do; don’t treat the question as purely rhetorical, it goes to the heart of the matter.What would be the most just way for the landowner to deter ME from parking MY car on his property; and what REASONABLE sanction SHOULD he be able to impose/ levy on ME if I choose to trespass. (Remember that you have already proved to the satisfaction of the Courts, and the extreme dissatisfaction of the PCC’s, assorted trolls in various disguises, and probably Perky too (even if he won’t admit it) that PPC invoices aren‘t the answer)! People, thank you for not treating me as a troll, although I am starting to feel like a duck on a fairground shooting range. I am doing my best to end wheel clamping on Private Land. I have asked if anyone could offer some guidance to help me, and am responded to in the main as if I’m trying to infect you with some strange disease. On this site many of you have worked hard, (and I hoped got satisfaction) from contesting illegal, malicious and generally bad practice from L.A's and dubious businesses.. You have provided people with the ammunition to fight those who would try and clamp or con them. I am trying to take away their clamps! Option 1. I am an idiot, a practical joker or just misguided. If you think one of these is the case, I apologise for having wasted your time and would suggest you waste no more of it on this thread. Option 2. I am on the level. If you think this a possibility, and consider that my objectives are reasonable, I would be grateful for any suggestions.
  3. Fair question, GCR. The logic of the system would mean that the sum would normally be the same as a parking ticket in that area. But the point is, that it would be set by the Local Authority, who I trust to be 'reasonable' slightly more than I would trust Excel, UKPC and their ilk. And considerably more than I 'trust' the Clampers, and Tow-Away-and-impound-your-car merchants. As for them banning clamping, its only because they won't do it that I started this project. Dragons Den? No chance. I want to see Parking Control taken away from free enterprise, not give them another method of sc***ing us. Can you name me one 'Free Enterprise' off street Parking Control Company that is 'fair' in the way it 'does business' with us? I can't. Find me one, and I will apologise; in fact I'll grovel. Just look at the other threads in this section. Anyway, I don't need a grant to get this up and running, like I said, NO capital outlay. I just need some politicos capable of thinking outside of the box. Maybe there is one reading this thread right now.
  4. As with Connif. I also have a problem with Clamping. It is a Sledgehammer solution to crack a nut. I would love to see it banned. All I have tried to do is to find a more reasonable solution than clamping. It was scarcely an unreasonable aspiration to make clamping go away. I know what I’ve got isn’t perfect, but is a massive improvement on what we have. I feel like I’m being shot down for trying! Yes, I intend to make a return on my work, I have invested 5 years effort in finding a solution to the problem, and have consulted Solicitors (and a Barrister) to check the legality of what I propose, not cheap! I’ve also had good people examine the ethics. Like so many others, I expect to be out of work soon, I won’t apologise for not giving this Government my potentially most valuable asset whilst I’m applying for the dole. I’m not asking anyone to invest money, or even your time. I am only asking for ideas to help me present my work to either Central or Local Government. If you feel that is unreasonable, feel free to ignore me. Unfortunately, Clamping isn’t going to go away just because you and I detest it. Option 1. I am an idiot, a practical joker or just misguided. If you think one of these is the case, I apologise for having wasted your time and would suggest you waste no more of it on this thread. Option 2. I am on the level. If you think this a possibility, and consider that my objectives are reasonable, I would be grateful for any suggestions. Option 3. There are some very good brains, some very committed people out there. It seems that many of you also want to see the end of wheel clamping. Invest some time trying to develop a system that will make clamping redundant: If you like, PM me and I will send you the design parameters of Parking Reserve. I will be delighted to offer my support and congratulations to anyone who can come up with something better and I genuinely hope someone can and does!
  5. I can end Wheel clamping on Private Land! This post was initially put in 'Parking Issues in the Media', sorry. Amended, and pasted here. I have developed a car park management system that will provide an ethical and effective method by which landlords can deter people from parking on their property, which is all honest landowner wants clamping to do. The clampers, of course want people to trespass so they can clamp; if there was no trespass, the clampers wouldn't earn. This is the essential "Paradox of the Clamp", a conumdrum I am certain I have solved. The system has to have a name, so I call it 'Parking Reserve.' Since 2001, I have been asking the Government and a number of Local Authorities to examine the system. If they agree it will do what it claims they can operate it in their area. However, it appears no-one is really interested. There is a lot of hot air talked about the evil that is clamping, but my experience is that hot air is the totality! Certainly, no-one in Authority has been interested enough to evaluate Parking Reserve. There challenge for you in this post is to suggest a way in which I can induce/persuade/ blackmail/ threaten Central or Local Goverment to evaluate the system. If the Consumer Action Group believes it has the influence to have Parking Reserve evaluated by an appropriate body, I am willing to meet with a team member and explain precisely how Parking Reserve works. The only condition is that the methodology will be considered as confidential and will not be revealed on this forum or anywhere else. However this should provide you with acceptable confirmation of the claims I make in this post. Parking Reserve will effectively transfer all the money the clampers make to the public purse (that is currently, nationally, in the rough order of £250 million p.a)! But for a number of reasons, it should make considerably more. It requires no new legislation, it operates within both the letter and spirit of existing law!. It costs virtually nothing to run, and not having any physical parts, no Capital expenditure. It can operate effectively in car parks of all sizes, even single parking bays. Its sole function is to deter trespass. It is transparent in operation. It will even provide an effective and socially acceptable means for supermarkets to deter inappropriate parking in their reserved ‘disabled’ and ‘parent and child’ bays. The current, ludicrous situation is they are legally required to provide a certain number of disabled parking spaces but have no means of preserving them for their designated use. It will not outlaw Private Wheel Clamping, but will provide a cheaper, more effective and wholly ethical alternative to Landowners who need to protect their property from trespass; without compounding their problem by having vehicles trapped on their land. Thus it should function as a systemic on the practice of private wheel clamping. It achieves all the aspirations set out in the Home Office Consultation Paper "Wheel Clamping on Private Land (1993) and every paper they have produced on the issue since then. Since 2001, I have been asking the Government to evaluate my work. I have also approached various Local Authorities. If they approve of the system, if they believe my claims are correct, it can be trialled or run out full scale. But it appears that no-one has any genuine interest in dealing with the problem of Wheel Clamping on Private Land. No-one will even look at it! The Home Affairs subcommitee was looking at Wheel Clamping on Private Land late last year; and taking evidence. I emailed both Keith Vaz (Commitee Chairman) and the Clerk of the Commitee (with whom I discussed my evidence by phone prior to submission), but got no interest. Nor response, or even an acknowledgement! Prior to that I have wasted time writing to Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Charles Clark, Paul Boteng, Uncle Tom Cobley and all! God knows how many faceless names in Queen Annes Gate (the Home Office) felt it was somebody elses department. The S.I.A. (responsible for licencing Clamping Firms) similarly couldn't be bothered. I wrote to many of the MPs who signed the Early Day Motion 2532 in Parliament 19.11.2008 "WHEEL CLAMPING AND PARKING CONTROL FIRMS" "That this House notes that some wheel clamping and parking control firms use strongarm tactics to take money from motorists; notes that these tactics include representatives of such firms presenting themselves as solicitors and debt collectors and does not think that these practises are fair or appropriate; further notes that car registration information is provided to these firms by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA); calls on the DVLA to maintain a list of approved firms who can have access to car registration information; and further calls on the DVLA to strike off firms who use these strongarm tactics". but with no response except for Lynne Jones who told me (paraphrasing)she didn't think she'd be qualified to have an opinion! Sorry Lynne, you were wrong. If any Goverment, (Wales, Scotland or the United Kingdom) genuinely wants a solution to the problem of clamping, it is awaiting your consideration. If the Scottish Assembly would be interested in providing a means for Scottish Landowners to deter trespass, that possibility exists! You ended clamping, but barriers can't solve every problem. If there is any Local Authority that would could benefit from my work, ditto. (Except for Birmingham, Brent, Croydon, Westminster who need not apply)! If anyone out there knows of a Council that might be interested in ending this scourge, feel free to forward this to them. Or contact me with a name. Who knows, maybe you'll be the person who this saves from being clamped. I would hope that if a Council felt this was beneficial in their area, they would also consider taking responsibility for Licencing it outside their locale, ensuring appropriate standards and taking a licence fee. Parking Reserve has been independantly examinined by the Inventor-in -Residence at the British Library Business and IP Centre, the Birmingham Inventors Group, and a number of qualified Lawyers. Not one person who has examined it has been able to find a problem with it, either with its theoretical effectiveness or its ethical basis. Because there is no clamp, no equivalent device; nothing Physical , I cannot patent my work. I intend to protect my Intellectual Property Rights, so explanation of how the system works will only be provided under a suitable confidentiality agreement. Hopefully before I die of old age! Don't misunderstand. Parking Reserve isn't 'fun'. Its intention is to to deter people from parking their cars on the property of people who have expressly refused you/him/me permission to park there. The repercussions of trespassing will not be to give the trespasser a packet of sweets and a handshake. But it not put the trespasser at the mercy of the extortion racket that is clamping and towing away. I emailed Earl Attlee (Shadow Transport Secretary, House of Lords) who spoke in a debate last week on Wheel clamping, offering to meet and explain how Parking Reserve can end the Grief caused by Clamping, also the Parliamentary undersecretary of state, Alan Campbell MP who seems to be speaking for the Government on this subject (did you see him on'Watchdog'). I'll post it here if I get a reply. Any reply! Sorry to go on for so long. Anyone got any good ideas?
  6. Thanks people. As far as "asking, but no problem if you don't want to provide the info", Wickes are not the only company who input your personal details through the till system, thus the shop floor staff cannot make the refund that they are legally obliged to make until they have the details that they aren't legally entitled to demand. I appreciate the point about keeping staff honest, but with all respect that isn't my responsibility. I have no problem with my refund being signed off by a superviser or manager which would resolve that issue without the need for me to have to give this information. Lastly, I know my details have been used for marketing, because when I was willing to give my details I changed the middle initial to that of the store who took the details, amazing, junk mail with the incorrect initial! I am not saying all retailers will abuse the personal details they take; the ethical ones will tell they won't misuse the information, which is precisely what the unethical ones will tell you. Sorry, but I can't tell them apart. But the question still stands, how can I enforce my legal rights without being coerced to give information I don't want to provide and there is no legal reason for them to not ask; to but demand! I like the H.M. Prison (out on licence?) and NFA although I resent the need to lie any more good ideas?
  7. Wickes, Wilkinsons, Aldis and who knows who else are requiring name address etc before refunding on faulty goods, even with a receipt and purchased with cash. I am getting a little fed up with having stand up rows in these stores, anyone know a way of enforcing sale of goods act without providing these gonniffs with free and valuable marketing information. Wilkinsons best to date, their EPOS till charged me £5.99 for an item flashed at £4.99 and they were saying they wouldn't give me the right change for a £10 note until I provided my personal details. SW1A 1AA Windsor would only dump the resident at that address with unwanted Junk Mail. I did once flummox them by explaining that I coudn't provide my name and address as to do so would be in contravention of the data protection act, but don't expect to be able to use that one again. Your guidance would be appreciated, my apology if I'm repeating an old post.
  8. Stopped 18 months ago with champx. Dreamed in technicolour, but I ended up putting most of my abreactions not down to the drug I was taking, but to withdrawel of the myriad cigarette dlivered drugs I'd stopped taking. oh yeah, I'm 55 and was smoking 50 a day for the 6 months prior to quitting. Now overweight, smug and less poor!
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