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  1. I’ve asked you for directions, and I’ve told you precisely where I want to go. I’ve even told you what I want to do when I get there. But you demand that before you tell me (even if you have the slightest idea what direction I should take); that I strip naked, then hand over my bank details and pin numbers! You demand to see EVIDENCE of what I want to do when I get there! I’m not going to publish them for the same reason I (and you) don’t publish your personal details here. I am comfortable about your ethics, but in case you forgot there are lots of strange people looking over your shoulders,
  2. Lots of fair points, well made. I’ll deal with them as best I can. Mustang67, I too am a motorist. I have not set out to take money off the motorist. But I also do not believe that my being a motorist means God gives me right to park my car where it blocks delivery accesses, wheelchair ramps etc. As a motorist I can’t claim that is reasonable for me to park my car on somebody else’s property just because it is convenient for me. All I want the landowner to have a legitimate, and non-threatening means to persuade me not to trespass SO HE DOESN’T CLAMP MY CAR! I want any cr*p that he choose
  3. Fair question, GCR. The logic of the system would mean that the sum would normally be the same as a parking ticket in that area. But the point is, that it would be set by the Local Authority, who I trust to be 'reasonable' slightly more than I would trust Excel, UKPC and their ilk. And considerably more than I 'trust' the Clampers, and Tow-Away-and-impound-your-car merchants. As for them banning clamping, its only because they won't do it that I started this project. Dragons Den? No chance. I want to see Parking Control taken away from free enterprise, not give them another method of sc***ing
  4. As with Connif. I also have a problem with Clamping. It is a Sledgehammer solution to crack a nut. I would love to see it banned. All I have tried to do is to find a more reasonable solution than clamping. It was scarcely an unreasonable aspiration to make clamping go away. I know what I’ve got isn’t perfect, but is a massive improvement on what we have. I feel like I’m being shot down for trying! Yes, I intend to make a return on my work, I have invested 5 years effort in finding a solution to the problem, and have consulted Solicitors (and a Barrister) to check the legality of what I pr
  5. I can end Wheel clamping on Private Land! This post was initially put in 'Parking Issues in the Media', sorry. Amended, and pasted here. I have developed a car park management system that will provide an ethical and effective method by which landlords can deter people from parking on their property, which is all honest landowner wants clamping to do. The clampers, of course want people to trespass so they can clamp; if there was no trespass, the clampers wouldn't earn. This is the essential "Paradox of the Clamp", a conumdrum I am certain I have
  6. Thanks people. As far as "asking, but no problem if you don't want to provide the info", Wickes are not the only company who input your personal details through the till system, thus the shop floor staff cannot make the refund that they are legally obliged to make until they have the details that they aren't legally entitled to demand. I appreciate the point about keeping staff honest, but with all respect that isn't my responsibility. I have no problem with my refund being signed off by a superviser or manager which would resolve that issue without the need for me to have to give this informa
  7. Wickes, Wilkinsons, Aldis and who knows who else are requiring name address etc before refunding on faulty goods, even with a receipt and purchased with cash. I am getting a little fed up with having stand up rows in these stores, anyone know a way of enforcing sale of goods act without providing these gonniffs with free and valuable marketing information. Wilkinsons best to date, their EPOS till charged me £5.99 for an item flashed at £4.99 and they were saying they wouldn't give me the right change for a £10 note until I provided my personal details. SW1A 1AA Windsor would only dump the r
  8. Stopped 18 months ago with champx. Dreamed in technicolour, but I ended up putting most of my abreactions not down to the drug I was taking, but to withdrawel of the myriad cigarette dlivered drugs I'd stopped taking. oh yeah, I'm 55 and was smoking 50 a day for the 6 months prior to quitting. Now overweight, smug and less poor!
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