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  1. It is some time since I have been on the forum but am looking for advice on raising a couirt action against both HMRC and Sky for faulires to supply data protection info. In the case of HMRC I have been waiting since the beginning of February over 6 momtsh ago. Can anyone point me in the right direction please
  2. The disabled parking fine was on a public road (actually outside the sheriff court) sent letter and pics off last week 1st class but heard nothing back yet. Will check to see if there are signs on posts nearby tomorrow. Asda have agreed to call off the dogs, for over staying my welcome. They were really nice and helpful, so it pays to have a word with them - £60 worth of pay:)
  3. Hi Folks Can't believe what a week this has been, I have managed to receive 2 parking fines in 2 days. The first one issues yesterday was for parking in a disabled person space, now I would never knowingly park in an allocated space for a disabled person and I only noticed the sign on the road after the ticket had been left. The sign was eroded to the point of useless as my son said it looks like someone had spilt a milkshake on the road! See for yourself I took a photo as I was so shocked. Anyway I had just dealt with the fall out from this one, then got another one
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