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  1. katholio

    Mbna Say No

    Thank you for your reply, I will send LBA. Only about £450 plus interest to come back, they kindly told my hubby over the phone that contractual rate was 24.9%, so will add that and 8% if it goes to court.
  2. katholio

    Mbna Say No

    Hi Can anyone tell me what to do next please. Credit card taken out by telephone and there is no recording of the call - hubby has paid PPI but is self-employed - he tried unsuccessfully in the past to claim sickness, but now that he is self-unemployed and cannot claim on his PPI they say he could backdate a claim for sickness and sent him a form. I sent a letter claiming PPI back saying the policy was mis-sold. Final response from them is no and to contact the Ombudsman. At the end of the day they sold him a policy which was neither use nor ornament. Do I contact the Ombudsman or send a LBA then take them to Court?
  3. Hi I am just starting to put together a letter to claim back ppi for my husband. He recently tried to claim for unemployment to find that he is not covered as he is self-employed. He took the ppi out over the phone and says he told them he was self-employed. I have the letter with start date, the certificate of insurance and terms and conditions. I do not know how you work out the interest to claim. Could someone help me please? Thanks
  4. Hi can someone please help me find credit card t & c's for 1997, or at least the first date on the schedule of charges which is Sept 2000. I have tried to get them from the link on here but it won't work. Lloyds told me they do not have a copy
  5. I sent most documents with the original court case but thank you, I will print everything out and send them this week, that will hopefully prompt them to make payment.
  6. I sent the court and solicitor the draft order, AQ and copy schedule of charges.
  7. Hi I am unsure which documents I need to take after reading all the ones on here. The letter I got says: "General Form of Judgment or Order Before District Judge ********* sitting at ****** County Court Upon the courts own initiative IT IS ORDERED THAT the matter be listed for hearing before a judge on 3rd July at **** am at **** County Court, address." Do I have to print out and take all the documents in the draft order I sent with the AQ? Thank you, wouldnt have got this far without this site.
  8. Hi I have been sitting on the stay for settlement but now must write to the court to say that they have not contacted me. In the letter posted for advice on here it says "Defendant making a request for the stay by indicating an intention to negotiate a settlement on its allocation questionnaire" but I did not receive a copy of their AQ. Can I state that I am assuming it said that as I did not receive a copy? Also do I have to send a complete copy of the AQ again or just the N149 page?
  9. Hi I have been lost on here for 2 days now - keep sidetracking as so much is going on. I have been lucky with Halifax and MBNA paying up but Lloyds TSB have dug their heels in and sent in a defence and I have just received AQ. I am not sure what this is all about and am starting to panic even though I have read the success stories. Can someone please tell me where to find info on this stage. Thanks.
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