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  1. Afternoon everyone, Just a quick update lololol Absolutely no response from B&S (there's a suprise). Tried to get the issuing Court's details from their respective employees - durgh - got nowhere. Sent two letter to North Warwickshire County Council - FAO Mr. Jerry Hutchinson and Mr. M. Shaw - PROVIDING PROOF POSITIVE someone has had my money - mmmmmmmm - of course, it wont be theft just an error! lolol 14 days later - no answer from either lovely gentlemen (cough, cough). Have now made application on line to small claims court - which includes claim for damages as a
  2. Chyrophase Sorry, forgive me for being a bit dim - you paid B&S into 'their' account, not into a holding account for the Council concerned (which B&S have opened). Mmmmm, am still trying to figure out if B&S have acted 'fraudulently' in my case - cashing of cheques not made payable to them. Someone has cashed them but I cant get a straight answer - no one will admit liability.
  3. afternoon chyrophase Another person having problems with B&S - glad to know im not alone. Interesting to note how one of your payments was put into holding account - do you mind me asking how you made the payments. Ive paid them £810 so far, cheques made payable to the Council, but B&S have cashed every single one but not passed the monies on - and keep demanding more money from them. Dont pay em another bean! Their mistake I believe lolol
  4. Afternoon HC Thanks for the advice. Ummm, paperwork from bailiffs doesnt show fees/charges, etc. just one total amount, each time, i.e. £486, £675 and £459. Have been going round and round for nigh on 14 months with this - just get blank answers - or to be more precise NO answers, all the time. lol
  5. Morning everyone, Have spent the weekend reading the many threads - and going thro paperwork from Bristow Have only ever had Demands - black and red. None of which give 'breakdowns' of costs! Even so called paper work from their office - two pieces does not give breakdown. No Walking Possession, nothing. Have requested info from them both verbally, and written. Have made note of all telephone calls - whether succesful contact or not. Have now got copies of cheques/bank statements clearly showing payee/who has cashed the cheques (both different parties!) Have req
  6. OMG - this is dispicable But only confirms my thoughts about these 'people' - a term I use loosely. Like the comment about the police doing nothing - typical. Dont get me started! Clearly this company does not adhere to Enforcement Services Association Codes of Practice - see separate thread.
  7. Hi everyone - something to read LOLOL - Codes of Practice 1. Members will comply with the Rules of the Association. 2. Members should comply with the provisions of the National Standards for Enforcement Agents. 3. Members will maintain high standards of business ethics and practices in order not to bring the Association, the enforcement industry or the bailiff profession generally into disrepute. 4. Members will not discriminate on the grounds of age, colour, creed, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. 5. Members will comply with all defined legislation, case
  8. GK You can accept whatever you want - thankfully we are all different and have different opinions.
  9. GK Im sorry if you find my comments 'ridiculous' and an insult to CAG - far from it. My comments have been based on my OWN personal experience (probably made worse by the fact that I am single AND A FEMALE). I could go a lot further with my comments but they would only get edited. If their customer service was just that - customer service - there would be no need for action groups like this - would there? I am sure that if employees of Tesco swore at you, harrassed you, intimated you every time you went in for your shopping you would have reason to complain! Same thing ap
  10. Ostrich, I can only assume that you personally have never been in the position of having some numpty be aggressive/obnoxious to the point of stupidity, to feel harrassed, scared, threatened. It doesnt make you an idiot just cos a flippant remark was made under such stress. I hope you never have to go through what most of us here have experienced. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy, idiot or not.
  11. Well said PGH7447 We all need help some time in our lives, some more than most. Helping someone doesnt make me an idiot - more like a better person! At least I think so.
  12. Hi, I can see your point Gamekeeper - nobody likes to be 'threatened' but hey, look at the other side of the coin. You';ve got some numpty who cant read off the script, cant converse, is both aggressive in his tone and manner on the phone and in front of ya! Mmmm, does that mean I can call the cops on the bloke whose calling me an effing idiot then! Works both ways. Sorry.
  13. Hi hallowitch sorry, my typing error. Mmmm, they might be legally obliged but I am not paying them a single penny more - they would probably say they had never received it! LOLOLOL
  14. hi shellie, good for you. I would go as far as to say dont pay them idiots but sent recorded delivery direct to whoever you owe. LOLOL am sorely tempted to send copies of correspondence to ALL the councillors at the Council concerned, together with ALL local MPs. These idiots make be SOOOOOOO angry! Might even consider writing to Watchdog and National Press hee hee
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