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  1. Just a quick qiestion. Some months ago i went for an interview under caution and was offered a admin penalty. I refused as i am dont agree. I claimed HB & IS for 12 weeks after me and my partner split just to get me on my feet and i was awarded full HB & IS. I written to the council to tell them i was going work part time. I never heard from them and noticed my HB was then deducted so took it that was the HB made up towards my PT wages. Anyway months later i went to the interview on my own and was 100% honest. They offered the admin penalty and I refused. So I was told this would
  2. my question is I have never used a recorder before so where can I buy one??? or what is the best way to record it as there is many websites where u can link it to the lat top and record or is there a device u can buy that connects to your home phone???
  3. I have been having problems at work since a new director joined the company. I have recently received a dismissal meeting letter while I am off sick. Now I have so much on this company and have agreed a confrence call for my grievance and dismissal meeting. So my question is I am really wanting to record this confrence call as I know I can get all the evidence that I need totake this to a tribunal. Any tips guys? :O)
  4. Hey guys I went for the investigation and was interviewed by 2 ladies. went alone as I know I have done nothink wrong one of the ladies was trying to make confuse me with dates etc so id admit to fraurd but because I know i am NOT guilty i just stared her out and shes was getting angry with me. I was so relaxed throughout and they tried to say i never informed them that i moved and i felt so good getting out all my correspondence from the council from aug last year proving they had been writing to me at my new address The look on there faces said it all. To be honest after tha
  5. Just an update. To confuse matters I have now received a letter from the council reminding me of a payment due for the overpayment of the housing benefit. (this was arranged when i notifiyed them of me canceling my benfits and me moving) which proves that i have been in touch with the council to set up the agreement and also proves they had my new address. So what i am going to do is cancel my interview on Tuesday and re arrange and pay for a solicitor to represent me and the interview. Thanks eveyone for your advice I will keep you updated.
  6. doodoo04 why was u under investigation? and what was the outcome. Id like to hear stories from people who were innocent and what happend after the invetigation? What do they do? for example I owe £1000 i pay it back (do i get crinimal record)? Cheers
  7. Hi Thanks for your replys guys. Its for sure the fraud investigation team the letter says im under investigation. I have to go and see them nextweek. I dont have any paper copies relating to the claim as it was over a year ago infact i dont have any paperwork relating to that address. When I contacted HB and IS to tell them about my changes I just had a witness who was with me when i made the phone calls to the HB and IS to tell them about my change. They told me on the phone they would enter the information on the system and that I will also need to put this in writing which I did.
  8. My partner left me and my baby last year after i found out he had not been paying the mortgage for months which ended in repossesion and constant arguing. I moved out of the area and in feb 08 I found a rented property. I claimed housing benefit, CT and Income Support. while living in my new area I found a job in the May 08. So i contacted the Housing benefit and Income support to tell them about my change (I also written and have witness for this). I did noticee a change in my Income Support and also an reducment in Housing Benefit payemnts and thought nothing more of it as I still thoug
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