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  1. Have sales invoice for both "new" cars! dont think he would be very sympathetic if the shoe was on the other foot! He didnt ask and I didnt think about it being a trader you would assume that he would know what he was looking for when taking a car in But thanks for the heads up
  2. Traded in 2 cars and bought 2 cars from same garage he viewed 1 of them and offered me 10k the service history book was in the car and the owners manual he looked at neither and didnt ask about the service history. The 2nd car was in another garage having repair work done but he offered me a price for that too which I accepted, he agreed for us to pick up both "new" cars that weekend despite the 2nd vehicle he had taken in part ex would still be at another workshop. Confusing I know He now wants to vet unseen car and wants full service history for 1st car, which doesnt exist because he now
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