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  1. From Thesis Servicing's website: Changes to Deferment Threshold As from 1st September 2010 until 31st August 2011 the deferment earning threshold will REDUCE from £27,050 to £26,449 If you are not currently deferred but feel you are now eligible to defer your repayments for 12 months, please call our Customer Service Officers on 0844 736 8426 quoting your loan reference number and someone will be happy to assist you.
  2. Thank you for this. To date there is no default registered so I shall keep a close eye on my credit file. And take the necessary action if and when! Thank you again.
  3. Thank you both for your replies. Unfortunately the debt is not statute barred as it has been deferred every year. I have only dealt with Thesis in writing, their responses were to my letter which I sent to follow up on the SAR information they had sent to me. I will tell them that I am entitled to all information requested under the DPA and that it is unfair of them to ask for further monies. FFHE stands for Finance for Further and Higher Education. Apparently SLC sold a bunch of loans to them in 1998 and Thesis Servicing now adminster them. I have no idea of the history
  4. Can someone please help me with some questions? I'm trying to phrase a response to Thesis who are chasing me for a student loan from 1997. I requested a SAR and on receiving it had some questions to put to them. They have come back with the answers and I would appreciate a steer on where to go from here. The loan is not statute barred. They told me the owners of the loan are actually FFHE not Thesis. Does this mean Thesis' threat of default is unlawful? They sent a DN but to date there is nothing on my credit file. The notice of assignment from SLC to FFHE is generic and contains no
  5. Helping other half with his SLC debt (not trying to avoid it, just don't want to pay charges that seem extortionate). Anyway, they've sent it back to us with screen dumps of their systems, copies of his loan agreements, wage slips, deferment notices etc but no NOA (1 loan was passed to those nice Thesis people) and no statements for the entire period. Is this non-compliance? Should he have got statements from SLC, how often are they required to send them out? His loans are from 1998 - 2000. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  6. I'll point that out and ask why the law seems to have been disregarded up till now. Thanks for your nterest, I'll keep the thread updated.
  7. Thanks for answering Bazooka Boo. I will reply to the FOS and point out exactly which consumer laws are being breached. What really irritates me is that I already provided all of this information to them, pointing out exactly how the DN is invalid and the response was along the lines of..."I believe the business acted reasonably and fairly..." and "I believe the DN is valid..." Stunning in its audacity really. What chance do you have if you point out the law is breached and the Ombudsman merely shrugs his shoulders at it!? If it is not upheld I definitely want to take this furt
  8. A little update on this case. I received a letter from the FOS stating that they believed the DN to be valid and the business has not acted unreasonably. Very disappointed about this and feel compelled to write back and point out that it does not matter what they believe, facts are facts, the DN is invalid. I will reply and let the adjudicator know I wish it to go to the Ombudsman. Not holding out much hope at all. What is the point of having laws if they are not upheld? If it is not upheld, what further recourse do I have after FOS?
  9. Thanks Harrassed senior I will, as they implied in their letter that OH had to send a SAR for each agreement. The more I think about it, the more I think it is a ploy to get information on other accounts he may or may not have, and to start the clock ticking on the SB debt. (It's from 1998).
  10. Lovely, thanks Havinastella. I will do just that. In fact, I may just refer them to the OC...
  11. Thanks for the swift reply Baileyboy. What is confusing me is that the DCA are insisting we make the request of them and not the OC. What can my OH say to them that will make them understand a SAR has already been requested for the agreement? Is there any legislation regarding this? My sceptical nose smells it as a ploy to get payment towards a debt which is more than likely statute barred...
  12. Not sure how the land lies with this one. OH has a student loan with exorbitant charges. We sent off a SAR request to SLC and back has come a letter from Thesis stating that we need to formally request it from them. However SLC have also written to advise us when we can expect the requested documents. Is this correct? OH doesn't have a notice of assignment from Thesis/SLC so I think that SLC still own it. Does a SAR cover all data held (i.e. if there were other loan agreements would we need to send a separate SAR for each?). TIA
  13. A little update: I have decided to update TS, FOS and the OFT wrt the latest development in this on-going saga! I intend to send them copies of the DN, NOA (if indeed it is a true NOA) termination notice and transcript of what Link sent as a response to my SAR request, along with my original complaint letter outlining where I believe the OC has breached the law and emphasising to them that I will be more than happy to settle the account if they remove the default. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else I should enclose? I'd really appreciate a steer on this?
  14. Hi I would really appreciate some help with this isse, if anyone out there can advise me what to do next please? To sum up the situation: I asked to VT my HP agreement with the OC They said I could not due to arrears (which i have since found out is incorrect). They sent a DN which is invalid - it does not allow 14 days to remedy and has the charges added to the arrears figure. They sent a termination letter which is, I believe, unlawful recission as the DN is invalid. They sold the debt on, despite not answering my question about the arrears figure. I have
  15. This is a great thread, out these **** and let's bring them to book!!! My complaint about Link Financial: Defaulted by OC, agreement terminated and debt passed on to LF with no NOA sent to inform me of this. Discovered DN was invalid, wrote to OC to advise them of this - currently under investigation by OC. LF despite being advised of the invalid DN, no NOA of the debt and despite having been told the complaint is under investigation by the OC have sent a Letter Before Action threatening me with court action. I have complained to TS, Consumer Direct, OFT, Financial Lea
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