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  1. Hi All I received a letter from FSCS saying my claim had been rejected due to " No civil liberty " , i rung to clarify and was told that because my ppi policy was sold by a broker ( ocean finance ) they couldnt accept my claim with picture However , i rung ocean finance to pursue this matter and they told me that beacuse i had accepted an offer earlier this year of £1400 i cannot claim again . When i accepted this offer from ocean finance i didnt realise it was for the ppi on my picture loan ( I would never have accepted that amount knowing the ppi on the loan was over 7500 in 2006 ) Also , Ocean finance & Picture have told me that when this original loan was refinanced the ppi was refunded onto the new loan but on my current loan the ppi is still over 14000 ................ surely if it was mis sold in the first place i should be able to claim the whole amount back ?? Is there anything i can do as i seem to have just been fobbed off
  2. Hi all , still waiting ! ............. Anyone else in same situation with FSCS or Deloittes ?
  3. I probably wont hear from FSCS until next year at earliest as i guess huge backlog as per the banks
  4. OMG that would be fantastic Thank you again , i will definately keep you updated as soon as i hear anything Thank you again for everything
  5. Hello Is the amount in total claim what you think im entitled to in full ?? Just thought may be slightly more as the ppi on loan 1 was £ 7550
  6. Well im certain i never received a letter stating about rebate and when it was refinanced all we were sent was the agreement to sign with it all filled in ready for our signatures and cant recall having a settlement document as it was all done over a phone call
  7. Hi , You are a star and appreciate all your doing for me It was with Picture and on the agreement of loan 2 ( the refinanced loan of loan 1) there was no mention of rebate that i noticed ........
  8. I dont know ? how would i find that out and if so does it make alot of difference ??
  9. yes i have made every payment since start of loan 2 and still have 15 years left to run
  10. ive tried but my laptop is even worse than i am !! Dont suppose you can input the figures and give me a rough estimate as to what im maybe entitled to ??
  11. Hello !! Ive just tried and beyond me so guess i will just have to wait and see !! Thank you for all your help , i really appreciate it
  12. Hi again !! I really appreciate your help but i havnt a clue what you mean about the spreadsheet and inputting details !!!!!! Im confused
  13. The 2 loan agreements were copies sent to me by picture ( now webb resolutions ) after i rung requesting them as on the form sent to me by FSCS it required this information Loan 1 which started in march 2006 was for £30000 with £7550 added ppi & was for 20 yrs at £356 permonth HOWEVER in october 2006 i refinanced this and the added ppi was £14950 and again for 20 years at £546 permonth Is this information any use ??
  14. Hi , i did have both agreements but i sent them off to Deloittes last week as requested along with my application form sent by fscs I hope beacuse the FSCS upheld my claim on the current top up loan that they will also do the same with this original loan !! Im just confused as to know roughly how much to expect if this is the case , what sort of infromation would you require from the 2 loan agreements to assist me ?? Many Thanks
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