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  1. Hi Lucy, I wrote to all of mine including Payday Loans and Money Shop telling them that I needed everything done via letter and email for my records and they stopped ringing when I didn't answer. I also opened a new bank account and then offered payment, also all sorted now (see other posts) Good luck
  2. My £685 debt has now been handed to a debt collection company from Glasgow called Buchanan Clark and Wells I did offer Payday UK £40 a month 6 months ago and they wouldn't accept it. All rest of my creditors accepted it and have one more payment with Barclaycard and paid a few payments to First Direct and Visa Have just written to the debt collection agency trying to set up repayment plan
  3. Another letter for me at home last night saying they had accepted my £50 a month offer and making arrangments for repayment
  4. Got letter today saying FD are going to hand it over to Debt Collectors or Solicitors if full amount not paid within 7 days. I don't have it, I'm sending them my 3rd Financial Statement now as my circumstances keep changing. I have cancelled my life insurance to save money but now suffer from high blood pressure and have prescription changes. I missed a council tax monthly payment when swapping over banks and got summons regarding it now have to pay this monthly as an extra charge. I don't think they believe that my situation is changing almost monthly.
  5. 3 months later still arguing with First Direct over payment. I offered them £40 a month to pay off just over £2,000. They said they thought that was too high and I wouldn't be able to meet the payments, I replied asking how much they thought I could afford and sent them my financial statement. They then repklied saying that they needed £100 a month. I replied yesterday over my final offer of £50. I also owe Payday loan £650 and offered them £40 this has been handed to debt collecting agency and I have offered them the same. I owe Moneyshop £750 and offered them £40 but they said they
  6. Charge took me over my overdraft limit, they refused a standing order, got a letter to say now going to charge me for not having funds to cover standing order
  7. They have ignored my right of appropriation letter and taken charges for going overdrawn before paying gas/water/council taxc etc, looks like will be overdrawn again this month:mad:
  8. Had 2 calls this morning (one to mobile and one to work) which I didn't answer and a text message to ring them immediately. So much for the emails saying please don't ring. I know they got the emails as they replied.
  9. The fun has begun. I sent letter with details of payments I wished to make etc and asked can everything be carried out via letter and email with no phone calls so I have a copy. Have rang me twice (I didn't answer). I have mailed twice saying don't ring me again I have made arrangments with bank to cancel the payment, they have replied saying payment will be made this month then we can talk about increasing my loan amount
  10. Cheers, they replied to email of my offer of £40 saying they had to take payment this month, I replied and said I had told bank not to pay it, ask me to ring them but I said wanted everything in writing
  11. Well done Lozzzy, just sent my Right of Appropriatation letter to First Direct and now have to contact PadayUK (MEM) to say they won't be paid. Owe them £675 and feel bit better after reading your thread. Thanks to everyone who contributed will let you know how it goes
  12. Just about to mail them myself as owe them £685. Bit nervous as offering £10 a month repayment but feel lot better after reading everyones experiences on here.
  13. Thanks for quick reply BF. I checked yesterday and they owe me £50 at present with another £25 to be added due to me being £4 over my overdraft limit because they took a First Direct Visa payment
  14. Hi, have a letter for First Direct but been told by CCCS that it needs to be handed over in person the day before payday. As dealing with First Direct and they don't have any branches does anyone know if HSBC will take on their behalf or will I post it with guaranteed next day delivery. Thanks, Roy.
  15. I have gone £4 over my overdraft of £500 and when I rang next day to say was oversight on my part and asked could I have formal extension of increase of £50 until payday they said 'would charge me £25 for going over and £25 for increase'. When I said 'that would be the £50 gone and I would still be over would they increase it by £80' by end of conversation they have asked me to contact CCCS as they are withdrawing finanical services due to the fact I have Payday Loan out and reckon I am struggling with payments. This was first time I have gone over my limit in over a year. I also have a First
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