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  1. Hi, thanks for the info, i did have my suspicions i have already been told that i cant get legal aid by an independant solicitor before approaching stephensons. I intend to go to court my self this week and obtain an injunction to prevent them from taking my vehicle, which i know i will get legal aid for, however, my question is: What court do i have use to prove the agreement unenforcable if i represent myself? can it be county court level??
  2. Bailiffs turned up at my new house last night!!! bloody old neigbour told them where i live. Didn't get my car though, i just laughed at them and they told me they would call again when i least expect it. I said "knock yourself out pal.... call whenever you like!! They went off in a huff. How many times, as a rule of thumb, are they likely to keep calling? any idea's. G
  3. Hi browneyedgirl It is relentless and hard to deal with but dont give up. I'm in the middle of it now, lost my job, logbook wouldn't help and didnt want to know. Cut a long story short, trading standards and an independant solicitor have both told me that the agreement is unenforcable. So with that in mind, having spoken to everyone i can think of, local county court, royal court of london, putney trading standards, my trading standards, OFT, News Of The World paper, the Sunday Mirror and the Communities Legal Advice (0845 345 4 345 very helpfull), i have hidden the vehicle, and
  4. Hi all log book fans, I spoke to Stephensons solicitors today, and they are confident of their abilities to: Stop any further action on my car (currently in hiding). Prove the agreement to be 'unenforceable' Discredit the Bill Of Sale They are claiming a 97% success rate against log book loans. And they are even doing it through legal aid. Has anyone had any dealings with these guys? What are they like? Is it too good to be true?
  5. ye suppose, maybe we should all add our leagal costs to gordons expenses!!!
  6. Cheers wearecarless, the more stories we put in the media the worse it will be for logbook. My mate gordon still hasn't replied though!!
  7. Hi all, Been keeping up to date with all your comments. I'm in trouble with logbook. After loosing my job, and my familly home, they are coming for my car! Trading standards have been very helpfull in identifying that inconsistencies with the agreement, however the fact remains that logbook are ruthless and wether or not the contract is 'unenforcable' no amount of threats from myself have any effect. They have passed it to the bailiffs, and they told me they dont care about the contract, their job is to collect my car!!! Dont worry my car is hidden and i have moved! they'll ha
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