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  1. cheers diddy Cant see them enforcing as they cant win, i have a copy of there 2002 t&c s whcih came with the application, the application had no limit and no rates and neither does the t&c s. think i will just have to sit back and wait til they sell it for 20p in the £ and start all over again (wish they would sell it to me at that rate i'd snap their fingers off)
  2. BUMP Moorcroft have given up and I have now recieved a "final response" letter from Tesco which tells me they have complied with my CCA request and the account is not in dispute. They tell me i can go to the FOS, but reading on here there seems little point. QUESTION. Should I take them to court (if so what for and how do i do it) or should I just sit back and see what they do next. Are there any good threads I can read
  3. Hi all this has now been handed to Moorcroft with the usual threatening letters and harrasing phone calls. I have sent them the "this account is in dispute" letter and will keep you all posted. katedog
  4. hi nilrs i am in the exactley same spot asyou. got the we're taking you to court letter form morecrap, i've sent them the account is in dispute leave me alone letter, the telephone calls are at the rate of 4 to six a day. i just pick upand let them waste there time and phone bill. if they could take us to court dont you think they would have by now?????????? good luck and keep us all posted. katedog
  5. Hi all Got a phone call from FOS. After telling them this is an old Goldfish taken over by Barclayshark and then sold to a DCA they have told me that they believe Barclays are acting fairly and wont tell them to credit the money back to me. Anybody got any idea what, if anything, else i can do. Katedog
  6. Just come back of my holidays. The latest is the FOS have been trying to contact me since they got my complaint, wabt a bit more deatil apparentley. Will keep you informed.
  7. katedog

    EGG CCA Response

    There is an arguement that you shouldn't go for refund of charges if your going for unenforceable. They say it should be one or the other I think it should be unenforceable first, then refund of charges, or you could try "seen as how your cca is unenforcable and you owe me £X in charges why dont we call it quits and you can learn form you mistakes but if you want to take me to court withpout a cca then everything you let me have is a gift and all the payments i ever made including alleged purchases interest and charges can be given back to me thank you very much" Only a thought and i'm sure some one will say something else. Katedog
  8. Any advice re this would be helpful. I'm in a similar boat where Barclayshark have now paid refunded charges to a DCA even though the account is sold to DCA and is now disputed (there is no cca) I sent Barclayshark loads of letters telling them they couldnt and are breaching data protection etc but they paid it anyway. I've sent a complaint to FOS but got no reply yet, so any legal arguements would be appreciated. KAtedog.
  9. katedog

    EGG CCA Response

    Hi Activist Personaly i would not put in the bit about the fnf offer at this stage No expert but everyone i've read advises not to admit any liability at any stage. I intend to try to negotiate a fnf at some stage but let them sweat for a bit first. When you go into battle dont let your enemy know your stratergy too early (or at all) or they will know how to attack you. I would advise send the letter and dispute the whole debt when they write back sayiny you owe it pay up then send them a "without prejudice" letter offering them 15-20% or something well bellow what you can afford to pay and see what you get. Or send the first part of your letter then just sit back and do nothing I've yet to see someone taken to court on these forums with a cca like ours. Katedog.
  10. no it was for charges. fos form very easy to do just fill in the boxes and expalin in simple terms what your point is, ie they charged me x amount of pounds and i dont think they can justify charging x amount for doing nothing other than pressing a few keys on a PC. katedog
  11. thanks sfu cancelled my DD with egg and they sent me an email asking what was going on, have sent an amended version of the above letter and an SAR, thought the charges may give me even more amo come the glorious day. will keep you posted katedog
  12. Sounds to me like you've got them worried i would agree with others that you dont need to do anything, i would advise that you compalin to everyone you can think of fos oft etc. my egg thread is upto date if you want a look. Katedog
  13. Katedog. £1500 v Crapitol One. 0 Cant believe how easy it was, only sent one request whcih they said "no chance blah blah blah. Sent it to FOS who said it could take some time then in less than a month got offer of full amount and interest. This pays off the balance and leaves enough to pay off another card and a small donation to this site. This was for credit card charges. Thankyou CAG for your help and guidance. Katedog.
  14. Hi cc did they write and tell you? Katedog.
  15. My fingers are crossed for you s.g please keep us updated dont just drop off the radar like so many do! katedog
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