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  1. Parking Control Services Limited (registered company number 06043819) is not the same as "Parking Control Services" who I was unfortunate enough to deal with. Parking Control Services is their trading name, their company is Magnaco Ltd, Registered office: 7-11 Minerva Road, London NW10 6HJ Registered in England & Wales No: 04809559. As a footnote to this whole ordeal, I would love to hear from anyone who has also had a successful judgment against Parking Control Services. If £750 is owed to debtors, it is enough to make an application to court to wind up the company. If I could
  2. I have had (bad) experiences with this outfit and I thought I would share those here. Briefly in terms of the facts, I was driving a friends car and had it clamped in an area of Bow, East London where there was not any signs showing I couldn't park there. It turned out that the signs had been pulled down. My friend paid in cash for the release to the tune of £235. In the eyes of the law, where there is no sign prohibiting parking, the clamping is illegal, as the driver/owner has not consented to the risk that his/her car may be clamped (Vine v London Borough of Waltham Forest is
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