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  1. thanks guys will update you when i hear more
  2. guys can you help with a letter or show me a template so i can send it thanks. No appointment was arranged just turned up!!!! after 4 weeks of silence and still no CPR request carried out from welcome???
  3. wanabedebtfeesoon, please help or anyone else thanks
  4. guys, Once again I call on you, Guess what, One the lewis groups representatives have been around obviously I was not in. What do I do in these circumstances when are they ever going to get the message???? Should I write another letter to the lewis group any advice??? thanks
  5. ok thanks, I will take your advice. I cannot believe that The lewis group are not communicating with Welcome??? They love to threaten customers all the time, if the lewis group really looked into my case they would be xxxxxxxx themselves. wanabedebtfreesoon I have sent you a PM please reply back, thanks again;)
  6. guys I need some help, I have recieved today another letter from LEWIS DEBT RECOVERY, In the letter it states; dear xxxxxxxx we are sorry to note you failed to make any payment in respect of the debt owing to our client. Your failure to do so leaves us with no alternative but to take further action. If you wish to prevent further action you MUST make a payment on the account NOW using the payment slip at the bottom of this letter. We are only allowed to hold your account on our records without any payment for a limited time before we have to take further action. Once you have made your payment you should contact this office xxxxxx when we can make arrangements regarding of the balance. If you do no not want to telephone, then write to us at the above address quoting xxxxx. We are sure that a reasonable arrangement can be reached. We wish to help if at all possible. Ok so that is the letter I recieved, are they stupid??? I'm still waiting for my CPR request??? So please Wanabedebtfreesoon can you produce a letter to send to these idiots, whats my next move thanks
  7. Update: Its Not The 16th Of July Deadline Was Yesterday And I Have Recieved Nothing, Zilch!!!! Have They Breached My Request Legally? So What Now? Thanks
  8. thats excellent thanks, sent in post tomorrow lets see what happens now, will update as soon as I recieve
  9. your a superstar, thank you so much, sorry I feel useless, the support is excellent, so lets try again with them will log on tonight:)
  10. ok, Can you help me with a letter to resend please wbdfs, thanks, not very good at expressing things on letters
  11. slightly confused guys, so do I: a) send them a £1.00 and get my agreement (but i have done this before) b) send them £10 for full subject access request c) send them a letter stating they have not fulfiled ny cpr 31.16 request? Just confused because I already have the copy of the agreement which is incorrect and welcome have admitted this, but I dont have a copy of the orginal agreement from when it was last re-booked as the one I have is from their database print off??? please advise, thanks
  12. Ok Letter Recieved This Morning From Welcome? Dear Xxxxxxxxx Thank You For Your Letter Recieved Xxx Requesting Information Held By Welcome Financial Services Ltd. In Order For Us To Carry Out Your Request Please Can You Issue The Relevant Fee: 1) £1.00 Will Entitle You A Statement Of Account And Loan Agreement Under The Consumer Credit Act. 2) £10.00 For A Full Data Protection Request, Where We Provide All Information Held By Welcome Financial Services Ltd. Cheques Should Be Made Payable To Welcome Financial Services Ltd. Please Note That We Cannot Process Your Request Until We Have Recieved The Relevant Fee. I Have Done This Before Are They Confused??? Help, I Sent The Letter In Previous Post For Cpr 31.6 Request???
  13. well letter posted this morning recorded delivery 21 days and counting!!!!
  14. I think it boils down to hankensens model where their customer concern is 0 and closing the sale is what it takes, the problem is when they screw it right up, there are so many niave people out there including myself where we are not educated enough to know our legal rights!!!!!!! Welcome thrive on this and suck the life out of peopls's finances who dont know any different. With this forum welcome have become exposed hence their near demise, without caggers like yourself with such determination this would never have happended. Life is to short as it is, and I will not allow them to bully me or dictate what I can do when they decided to break the law, i trusted this company and they have breached that in such a disregard for their customers, i really hope this does not happen to anyone else no matter how tight your finances are, save, save and save again, dont rely on these vultures. Will update you when the next move takes place, any other feedback from anyone then please feel free to post replies, i hope my situation is helping others to and please listen to wanabedebtfreesoon she has been a god send i promise you, she has calmed me down and got me to see the bigger picture where a few days ago i was beside myself!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not worth the stress. Thanks:D:D
  15. ok will do, also wbdfs the private message i sent you how powerful was that information? Will that also be detrimental to the case? thanks, sorry for the 400 questions
  16. Your like an angel in disguise, brilliant i hope justice will be done letter goes off tomorrow, also what do i do with the lewis group who will still send letters?
  17. Hey very shrewd!!!!!!! Let me play devils advocate here: 1. Welscum cannot produce the agreement, what happens? 2. Welscum do produce the agreement, then what happens? 3. Mine and Wanabedebtfreesoon little secret as well to add to the mix
  18. excellent, so how is the civil procedure different from a cca request, sorry just a bit uneducated on this
  19. sorry guys been at work today, thanks wanabedebtfresoon, just needed to clear it up, thought i read somewhere that a copy will suffice but hey I think I wont argue lol!!! I will send the letter of tomorrow to nottingham and see what happens? How long do I give them to reply?
  20. Hi Guys back home now, wanabedebtfreesoon, I love the letter however just concerned that they will still send me the copy from their database as I believe they dont have the original, also the one i have here is signed by both parties. The copy they sent is also on two seperate pages dont know if that matters, does the law require the oringinal agreement or a copy will suffice and if so does that mean the database copy that they have printed off is that acceptable from them. Please any one advise on that??
  21. hi wanabedebtfreesoon, thats excellent news thanks, I off out this afternoon as I have errands to run, but will be back this evening to continue this. You have really guided me here so far and this will be a long journey however I have a friend to help, I could not do this without your help thanks, look forward to seeing the letter later, and get the ball rolling
  22. ok as that is now established as I have the document in front of me, what is the next step i.e. is it down to welcome finance to produce this or Lewis group?? what letter do i send:-o p.s. have you read my PM i sent you
  23. ok wanabedebtfreesoon, The agreement that they have sent through is not a customer copy but a print out from their database as it has the web link on the top of the page??? does that matter? it is not the original as it is a copy? also i will PM you with something more that they have not done which i'm confused
  24. I will endeavour to read through that at some point, I have all the documentation from them and the agreement, it stands that it is improperly excuted as the first agreement was HP agreement and the rebooked agreement just states 'Consumer Credit act 1974. hope this helps or shall i shut and just follow what you say:confused:
  25. morning wanabedebtfreesoon, Looking forward to get this started thanks for getting back. The agreement came in with my subject access request.
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