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  1. I have been thinking of using the politicians excuses of -- I haven't done anything wrong , its a clerical error , although I do not have a moat , or a pond to put a duck island on. Still most of them paid it back , and they knew they were doing something wrong! Mudds.
  2. Update. I have handed the letter in and had my line manager read it , and she states she supports me 100 %. I have detailed my case and asked them to consider a reduction in the amount to take in their part in the overpayment. I have a claims form from my insurance solicitors , which I will complete when I get a reply from HR. I have spoken to another solicitor , who also stated that because they had confirmed that my wages were correct = that Estoppel should do it. My company is dogged though and I still expect to pay it back , but the best feeling in the world is f
  3. UPDATE. I have had no contact from my company , I am not in work until tomorrow. I have contacted another solicitor , through an insurance that covers legal advice ( the claim dept of that insurance is checking to see if I am covered for them to represent me at court )( if not then I will obviously question them as to why not and what condition prevents them from doing so!), well this solicitor stated that because of the conditions , and mentioned estoppel , and that after I had checked the wages ,I relied upon them to be correct , this means that the company cannot claim a mistake , wh
  4. It would appear that I should have known about being paid the same wage after I dropped my hours to half, but with the change of pay slip and myself actually checking the wage was correct when brought to my attention by my wife , and then being paid the same wage for a further year , well i'm just so angry that the biggest HR dept , including the same FORCEful company in the met , could get it so wrong and just blame me , without taking any of the blame in the form of reducing the owed money , I think I realise , reading your advice , that I will have to pay it back , but..... I would h
  5. I have been led to understand that because of my company , which is clearly a force in its own area , its computer systems would record any entry into any system , leaving a traceable line. So the entry into my wages profile would have thrown up such a record, In my "conversation" with the HR dept , after two calls and two days ( a whole 3 weeks after I had brought this to their attention on viewing my p 60 , this tuesday , she stated that even though I phoned in to check my wages were correct in June 2008 ,( which intimated she knew I had , she had 3 weeks to investigate before she contacte
  6. Ah, the old job thing . Surely though if its a legal challenge , my job would be safe , I do not mind jousting with the dept that I feel is as much to blame as myself , to give them as much trouble as they are giving me. But again if they do sack me because of the challenge , I will just have more protection in employment law ? Mudds
  7. Thank you all for your time and learned advice. Che , what would you do if faced with my predicament . What would you express to fight your own side? Any other comments are welcomed. Mudds What is ET . Thanks
  8. On another point , in your role have you ever negotiated a reduced payback amount ? Would you do this ? Mudds
  9. Beau that is brilliant and I understand it . I will take that model when I go to negotiate a payback , I may have to work extra shifts as well or instead of a monthly payment now , but that has lifted my spirits for the moment . They have not taken the time ( I really do not think they posesss the intelligence) to explain that to me . I thank you. Mudds
  10. Thanks beau. So instead of paying say £100 for 97 months ( 9700 ) I will be paying £100 for 67 months ( 6700) @ ? Is that correct? Thanks Mudds.
  11. Hi Beaubrummie , and again thank you . I am totally confused now , in a yes or no situation. £9700 is gross £6575 is net. Should I only pay back the net amount because i have already paid tax, N.I. and pension payments. This would obviosly reduce the term of payback by a lot. Thanks and apologies for being this dim about it all. Mudds
  12. Firstly , thank you both for your replies . The gross figure is £9700 and the net figure as worked out by us is £6757, that is taking all the tax , N.I. and pension payments taken out of it by my employer. Which figure do you refer to in your "pre tax" text. I have spoken to a solicitor today ( I joined a Pension association connected to my job) and he stated that I would have to pay it back , but only the net amount £6757 , which is a blessing. They have already sent me a letter , dated 2 weeks before I brought the problem up to them, but included my statement of facts? He s
  13. Hi to you all , I have read numerous threads on this site about overpayment but none match the conditions of my own and so I respectfully ask for some help or advice. I am retired from my company and am paid a pension by them , which used to come on one payslip broke down into at least 6 different payments , then I took up a full time job with the company ,which led to another 3 sections on the slip,( far less money than before I retired ) but found that due to health conditions , I could not maintain the job and went onto part time ( 1/2 hours ) , it was exactly at this time that the com
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