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  1. As an update, I’ve not heard anything further from Santander yet but Allay Claims are already chasing for their cut.
  2. Sorry about the repost! Thanks dx100uk, interesting reading. Who knows how it’ll play out, I’ll keep this updated. Thank you.
  3. I’ve read conflicting views on this, some banks don’t if they’re not related (they’re not) but as we’re talking about Santander I’m pretty sure they will. At the end of the day I do owe them that money so it is what it is.
  4. I’ve read conflicting views on this, some banks don’t if they’re not related (they’re not) but as we’re talking about Santander I’m pretty sure they will. At the end of the day I do owe them that money so it is what it is.
  5. I totally understand what you’re saying but I would have no issue with paying their fee if I were to have the money into my hands. I’m just concerned that they would try and take the fee even though they said they weren’t pursuing and I won’t actually have the money in my hands and it will be difficult for me to find the cash to pay them, I’m in no way moaning about just paying their fee. If the claim with them had gone through as normal with them I would have paid it because that’s what I signed up for. I appreciate your advice, thank you.
  6. I signed up to a PPI claim firm on a bit of a whim (yes, I know!) and they came back saying that even though it looks like I had PPI with Abbey National (Santander) back in 2000 it’s such a small amount they won’t be pursuing it. They sent this in a letter, also saying I might want to pursue this small amount myself. I cannot now find that letter but I’m still looking. I’ve not got around to contacting Santander myself yet, it was about a month or so ago. Well, I got a letter yesterday from Santander saying they’re going to make a fairly decent sized payment to me... S
  7. Hello CAG, A few years ago you all helped me out when I was in a real mess. I was made redundant while pregnant and had huge debts. Through CAG, I had advice to set up payment arrangements with them all and for about five years,I have been paying between £15 and £40 a month to four, two banks and two debt buyers. So, my question now is, what happens next? Will I just keep paying these off like this or will they ask me to settle etc? I've never again got a high paying job and work within a school now and enjoy it but can't see me ever earning enough to pay these off at really high am
  8. Hi, So I sent off a letter saying that the account was still in dispute etc and they have sent back a letter that says that they have already addressed " my concerns regarding your request for information under the CCA 1974" and that they are now taking "further collections proceedings". From this latest letter I can assume that these people are either very unorganised or just trying to be as confusing as possible. They say in this letter " thanks for your letter dated xxx" Then say that they have had no response from me in regards to their correspondence... They also say tha
  9. Thanks for that, going to send them a copy of the previous account in dispute letter I sent them and add in a version your comments at the top etc.
  10. Hi there, just to update on this. I had a letter from Cabot eventually, in the short, saying that a copy of my CCA had been sent to me by Citi when I originally requested it ( not so of course). Did anyone else get that response to their CCA request etc? So since then I have not taken much notice of the continued requests for payment and calls etc. Had a letter today from Cabot threatening legal action etc. " Last opportunity to contact us" etc etc. I am 95% sure that they don't have a contract for me or it would have been sent to me by now I think. Anyway, would it be a good idea for me
  11. Hi Pushonup, just subscribing to your thread with interest. Have had exactly the same two letters recently... Goes without saying that I have never had a copy of an agreement. Will wait with interest for their response to you.
  12. Oh and no not supplied a recent budget planner - they've not asked for one yet. Should I provide one every six months myself or wait to be asked?
  13. Thanks for the advice. I will write a letter to Shoosmiths. I will let you know how i get on.
  14. Hi there everyone, I have been paying on my Tomlin Order on this for a few months and all been fine. I got a statement from Santander today though that shows that they are still charging me interest. So I am getting nowhere getting it paid off... Can they still charge interest on an account that has been terminated and now being paid by Tomlin order?!?
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