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  1. this site has gone very quiet is everyone behaving lately
  2. how come none of us have to have medicals all the time then,i have been done twice and got my licence back about a month ago with no mention of any more medicals,why do you have to keep having them.
  3. i dont understand how they can do that so next time what 6 years, i would look into that or get a solicitor on it
  4. hello mate i wouldnt panick just yet not if you have a year to go,but the recomended obstainance of alcohol is three months for a heavy drinker,but as for most of us on here give it a bit extra.4,5 months just to make sure,also take milk thistle liquid form its 1mil 3 times a day hope this helps
  5. cheers totenham-linda i will give them a go
  6. yes im glad its all over but still got 4 weeks to go til my ban is up and its draging like hell,cant wait to jump in my car,have you had any insurance quotes yet
  7. hello mate how did you get your results,i didnt get any only my licence threw the post
  8. that sounds about right totenham-linda they dont rush i waited 3 weeks from my medical as well.
  9. all i got threw the post was my licence there was no letter or test result did you get anything with yours
  10. now the fun begins car insurance,but i have 5 weeks to save some pennys lol
  11. you will be okay as long as you have obstained of alcohol for long enough you should have no worrys,i stayed of the booze for 4 months and i think brum was 5 months.
  12. i think the way they work it is if you pass you will recieve your licence threw the post and i suppose if you fail they will let you know
  13. no results just got my licence threw the post with no letter,i dont think you get results linda
  14. i dont think we will put ourselfs threw this again talk about learning the hard way,yes this is a great website atleast now we can give the advice and help others happy driving:D
  15. hello brum no1 i recieved my licence threw the post this morning so you should recieve yours tomorrow mate let me know
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