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  1. Thank you so much everyone. Am sure this wont be the last I hear of them but for now I will ignore unless they write to me with more specific information. Thank you all. Chris
  2. To all those who have replied - its much appreciated. I will ignore them. STIGMAN - can I ask where in the OFT they have breached the guidelines with regard to sending the letter. I just want to get that part and copy and paste into a folder on my pc. Thanks
  3. Hi Thanks for the reply. This is the full contents of their letter: AIC - Allied International Credit THE OCCUPIER ADDRESS (my correct address here) MY NAME: A REF NO HERE: Dear Occupier We are trying to contact the above named person and this is the last known address we have on our records. If you are MY NAME HERE please contact us immediately on the telephone number below. f you are not the named person above then please contact us on the same telephone number to allow us to update our records. Your sincerely BLA BLA Can they do this? What annoyed me was that they window envelope only showed THE OCCUPER, then the address. So after you opened the letter it would display my name and a ref number. Does this not break any data protection rules etc????? Any info as to what I should do or can do about this would be appreciated as am worried about this (I do have other debts but am paying token amounts - but not sure if this is a different debt etc). Chris
  4. Hi all, I have received a letter from AIC - Allied International Credit. It gives my name and a reference number and simply asks if I am that person to contact them. I do have debts but I am not sure what this debt may relate to. Can someone advise me as to what to do for my next step as I dont want to open up a new can of worms. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Regards Chris
  5. Lets hope so Bazooka Boo If they do supply what can I do to see if they are wrong or unenforcable? What should I look out for? Chris
  6. Hi Just a quick one. I have a debt which was originally with Welcome finance. I am going to request a CCA but wondering if it should be the following:?? Original Creditior - Welcome (owned by Cattles) Debt Collection Agency - Lewis Debt Recovery (also owned by Cattles) Solicitor Acting on behalf of client (Lewis) - Howard Cohen & Co. Solicitors Who should it be to. I would presume Lewis Debt Recovery BUT can someone just please clarify. Chris
  7. Hi I have received all the info from Welcome Finance as I requested and SAR (incidently the personal loan has just recently been transferred to MKDP and is now also being managed by Willen Ltd). I have noticed a page titled 'Fixed Sum Loan Agreement - So I presume this is the actual Credit agreement regarding the loan - AM I RIGHT?? BUT I have noticed that the date I signed the form was the 01/08/2005. BUT at the very bottom there are 2 boxes. The one on the left which is titled 'Witness to Customers Signature', has been completed by the Welcome rep with signature, name, branch etc. THEN the box on the right which is titled 'Signed for and on behalf of Welcome Financial Services', has been completed with the reps signature and the date is 19/08/05. My question is is the box on the right refering to the date it was witnessed or is that only the box on the left? If it is how can someone witness a customers signature on a different date? Chris
  8. Bazooka Boo Thanks for that, If you know anyone here who does know more about car Hp (especially when its guaranteed on the vehicle itself) please can you maybe send them the link of this thread??? Chris
  9. Angry Cat Thanks for the info link BUT it does not really explain the answers to what I need as my query is quite specific. I am not in a position to pay a third or half etc AND have on numerous occasions requested for Welcome Finance to take the car back but to no avail as they say yes but they dont stick by their word. I think maybe I should just write to Lewis Debt Recovery and Welcome Finance asking if the HP agreement has actually been terminated and also if the debt has been sold etc. Any more advice would be gratefully appreciated. Regards Chris
  10. Hi I have a car on hp with Welcome Finance - the account is quite in arrears and also note that I have not yet paid off a third as of yet. I recently requested that they take the car back as I could not afford the monthly payments but they never did - I requested via telephone and writing various times and was still waiting for them to take it back 3 months later but its still on my drive. Anyway on the 26/03/10 I have had a Final Demand letter from 'Lewis Debt Recovery' (even though I had never recieved anything from this company previous). AND now on the 19/04/10 I have just recieved a letter from 'Howard Cohen & Co Solicitors' saying court papers are being prepared and to make payment to their client. Can someone please indicate the following to me: 1) Has Welcome Finance sold the hp debt onto the debt collection agency (Lewis)? 2) If it has been sold on does this mean that they CAN'T take vehicle from my posession as the debt has been sold on AND effectively terminating the original HP agreement? 3) Does this mean I am in my rights to do what I want with the vehicle ie. sell it as the debt collection company are interested now in only receiving the amount owed? 4) AND finally - can I claim some form of deduction due to them not taking there goods back off my drive as I requested them to do so on several occasions but they never did? Any help would be most appreciated and need advice asap as I need to do something and send something in writing to them asap. Many thanks Chris
  11. Ok will use photobucket - will do as soon as I can so please watch this space............. Chris
  12. ColdUpNorth, Just a quick update as got to shoot out BUT I have found 2 Welcome Default Notices station they intend to execute their rights and collect the goods (which they havent despite me asking them too). Also they have NOT as yet issued a Termination Notice that I know of. Let me know hot to put documents up on here and will do it or alternatively what am I looking for in the default notice to see if it is wrong? Chris
  13. ColdUpNorth, I will take a look through all the paper work I have and get back to you. One thing - whats the best way to posting documents on this site? Chris
  14. Thanks for the replies. Yes a default notice has been issued not just once but several times, the last one about a month ago with the following info: Amount payable = £6948.36 Amount paid = £1364.05 Amount to be paid = £5858.12 (Bearing in mind I have requested they come collect the car as I can't afford payments - and they have said previously they would). I have told them where the vehicle is etc as it's on my friends driveway. My friend has wrote to them on his business letter head stating they have 14 days to remove otherwise they will be charged parking/storage fees at £35.00 per day. Also have just looked at paperwork and this is interesting please read the following: 1) they emailed the Credit agreement and informed me to sign the boxes where it says signature and drop off into office - so I did (in blue pen). 2) The date they signed it (in blue pen) was 24/04/07. The above two points were in BLUE pen, THEN: 3) The PPI box was ticked BY THEM NOT ME in BLACK pen and re-signed by someone in there office dated 06/05/07. 4) Although I signed the ppi box (as I was just told to sign the boxes where it states signatures (was about 3 boxes) I DIDNT tick the PPI box they did. Help me someone please. I have a car sat there and me worried on a daily basis YET have asked them to collect months ago but they still haven't - yet they continue to send default notices etc. Chris
  15. Thanks for the reply. With regard to me requesting they take car back AND they have still not done it a few months later can you advise on the following: 1) Is there anything in the terms & conditions on back of thier loan agreement stating anything about THEM breaking the contract? 2) If there is or isn't anything on their T&C's how do i go about informing them that they have broke the agreement/ 3) If they have broke the agreement and I inform them do they:- a) Have to take the car back still? AND b) Write off any outstanding amount owed and/or have to pay back whatever I have already paid? Where can I find this info and any template letters for them breaking the agreement as really need a factual point to throw at them instead of stating something like, "I consider that you have broken your part of the agreement". Also one last thing can they suggest that it was me who broke the agreement first due to falling behind with payments? I look forward to you reply. Chris
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