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  1. i did mention the oft e.t.c in the last phone call to them but they never said anything about wiping the debt or anything so fingers crossed they got the message
  2. just a very quick update............ not heard nadar since the phone call
  3. rennuz put yourself in the DCA's position.......if a CCJ on your file is as bad to you as your making out just tell them i can only afford £80 maximum a month they wont take you to court when they know if they do they wont get that much from a judge + it takes a while to even get it to court so it would almost if not all be paid by then anyway. be strong and dont believe there threats,stand your ground £80 is all you can afford end of. goodluck!
  4. cheers scott!! its unbelievable how it makes you feel when you stick upto these bullies!
  5. just got off the phone again.!!!!!!!!!! (there persistant) again they claim they have not got my statute barred letter on there computers yet... i decided to have a chat with them this time like i said i would in my last post ive never had so much fun in all my life!!!!:grin: i told him the debt he thought i owed was statute barred and they had received the letter and any more phone calls would be reported e.t.c........ he had the cheek to say "i cant see the reason you have this attitue for MD".............i said so its ok for you to threaten and scare people into paying but when someo
  6. been very quiet since my last post BUT............ just got off the phone to them again they are saying they have'nt received the letter i sent but on track and trace it was signed for by a mr reid im pretty firm and dont give in easily as a person and them degrading me im not bothered about so.......when they ask me for my security questions next time they phone,im going to ask them a question 1st....."is it ok for you to chase a statue barred debt?" would love to hear him hum and har they guy basically put the phone down on me cos i just kept saying you have received it
  7. just a very quick update......... im obviously just going to ignore the last letter recieved and not had no phone call today.1st day they have missed in 5 or 6 anyone wanna stagger a guess on which company it will be next?
  8. yeh intend to im sure they will now sell it onto another company if nothing else it was a very polite begging letter
  9. i sent it may 29th and lady in post office said they would receive it monday the 1st june surprise surprise the date on the letter i received today is the 1st it has to be an ohh popp he knows its SB'ed but lets try 1 more time letter
  10. just a quick update........ received a letter today with a superb offer off a 60% discount!!!! in other words a begging letter saying please give us a little bit of money or were gonna lose out even though they would of received the statute barred letter. just goes to show what price they pay for these debts off the original companies!! im still receiving daily phone calls and getting quite pee'ed off with em to be honest last 2 days its been at 8-15AM if they phone tommorow im gonna say "can you hold on a second why i just go get my tape recorder see if that stops em!!! :grin:
  11. i was a bit late sending letter off as had alot on here and kinda forgot but sent it off friday and was told they will receive it on monday so will be interesting to see how they reply!! they have certainly upped the amount of times they call everyday now since wednesday basically have told them every time they ring that i wont confirm the information they require and will only deal with this in writing!! just want some confirmation that im doing the right thing so far?
  12. letter sent off today anyone any idea if or when i will receive something back? im guessing they will leave it hanging for weeks before replying?
  13. thx for all the help guys will get that letter wrote out and get it sent off
  14. cool thx scott does that also mean they cant put anything on your experian credit report thing?
  15. thankyou for the quick reply PGH so statute barred in english terms means the debt gets written off because there has been no communication for over 6 years? have i understood that correctly? thx again
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