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  1. Just thought it would be good to get some other ideas or opinions from other members of the public who may have gone through this? Sorry i'll go else where!
  2. Hi, I have recently challenged the Halifax on 3 of my loans with them with regard to the mis selling of PPI. They have admitted they have mis-sold on all the loans. Now the company I am using to challenge them are saying we should take them to court to challenge the loans as they are un-enforceable? What do you think my chances are? I am currently waiting for court dates!?
  3. Not sure yet as they havent sent me the details! Will keep you informed.
  4. They repaid the amount I paid them and the usual 8% then used that to take it off the amount left on the loan, and re-issued a new loan without my consent?
  5. Hi,Halifax have admitted mis-selling ppi on 3 of my loans, I am behind on all of them and so they have just taken money owed to me off my loans (of which all three are now with debt collectors! and I have agreed monthly payments with them not with Halifax).What are your thoughts? Could I go further and say the loans are unenforceable?Thanks for any help!
  6. Hi Scott, Thanks for the info. Yeah Abacus sent the original letter by registered post so they have evidence that the letter was signed as received. I will await to see if anything arrives tomorrow! Will keep you posted.
  7. I am dealing with a company called Abacus Finance. I have 3 loans with the halifax and Abacus sent them a letter a long time ago (possibly 3 months) requesting copies of my loan agreements under the consumer act 1974 thingy?!. To date despite a phone call promising us copies by the end of last week they still have not provided copies. The last phone call to the Halifax they said they have sent the agreements and we should recieve them on Monday. I have a suspicion that the documents will not arrive on Monday and they are just stalling for some reason?! What will/ can happen if they do not
  8. Its a Council ticket, in a local car park- they are unbelievably quick at handing out tickets- one even tried to put one on my car whilst I was getting a ticket from the machine! Waverley Borough Council, Farnham, Surrey.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yeah Abacus sent the under the Consumer Credit Agreement Act, so what happens if they still do not supply any information? I remember when I took out one of my loans last year I had a phone call from the Halifax asking if the guy who did the loan explained everything? I said no as the stuff they were talking about on the phone was not even mentioned when I took out the loan at the branch. I then got a phone call from the guy who sold me the loan in branch to go through it all again. I felt sorry for him and thought that I'd got him into trouble so just agreed with ev
  10. Will post the ticket and letters on here tomorrow! Have appealed under Mitigating Circumstances- I consider that the charge is unfair and should not have been issued. I think i've got a valid case.
  11. I recently received a parking fine for non display of a valid parking ticket although I did have one but it just slipped off the dashboard. I appealed the ticket and they dismissed the appeal. I then requested they send me the pictures of my car. There were 4 pictures but none of them showed the footwell of the driver where the ticket had slipped to. I want to take it further because I refuse to pay £50 or £75 for a ticket that I had actually paid for! Does anyone think I have a good claim? Thanks.
  12. Hi All,My first post! I recently entered a debt management plan with abacus. They then phoned me asking my permission to get all my loan details from the Halifax who I have 3 with. They have never sent them my loan agreements after a letter they sent giving them the usual 12+2 days so they had to phone them up to ask them for them and they have said they will send them?! What can they do if they still do not provide them by the end of this week (15-5-09) as promised? I cant recall ever being asked about PPI on the loans and I can guarentee that there is PPI on all of them- some of the loa
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