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  1. Thanks Ida, sorry for not getting back to you sooner but i'm not keeping too well at the moment, got myself in a bit of a state with this cropping up again and with no regular access to a computer got a bit down witrh it all. anyhow i'll definately be sending the letter tomorrow and i'll let you know what they say - hopefully they'll pass the debt back, but as they've 'purchased' the debt i doubt it'll be that easy for them.
  2. Hi, I wonder if Ida could let me know if her suggested letter is suitable given my comments in my post no #20. I'd appreciate it if someone could give her a shout for me. thanks
  3. if Ida is about i'd appreciate her views on my post #20. I've prepared the letter as suggested but i'm not sure if i should send it as it is given that Cabot's letter indicates that they are aware that XXXX had previously taken legal action against me. I just want to make sure that i'm sending the letter to them in the hope that they will go away!!
  4. Yes the card was taken out years ago, well before 2007
  5. Thanks Ida sorry for the delay in replying but I don't have a PC at home and can only get on one at the library or when i'm at friends or visiting family, i'll get this done though and i'll send this off to them today/tomorrow. Just one further question, I'm not sure if it makes any difference at this stage, but i've just re read the letter from cabot and it does say that they are aware that XXXX had previously taken legal action against me.......and i should contact their solicitors to discuss the options for repaying...... does this make any difference to what i need to say in the letter to them? i'm sorry i did'nt mention this earlier but i've only just re read the letter again.
  6. Hi Ida i was wondering if you had had any further thoughts on a possible letter i could send? I know you said you were busy at the moment and i appreciate your help, but i'm just a bit concerned about what action Cabot might consider taking if i appear to be ignoring their letter.
  7. Thanks again Ida, that sounds geat i appreciate your help with this. Anything that will help me out will be really appreciated. i'm no too good at letters so anything you can suggest would be a great help to me.
  8. Hi Ida, thanks for looking at this for me, the last payment was early 2008. Can you help me?
  9. Thanks maroondevo52, it was a credit card debt for £9,000
  10. okay, i'll ask why i've not been sent a notice and i'll send a CCA request to cabot i've been looking at the library for a suitable letter and i've come across one called " A-letter-when-the-account-has-been-passed-to-another-debt-collection-agency" do you think this would be a better one to send - would it resolve the matter quicker - or is it better to request the CCA from Cabot and details of why i was not sent a notice of assignment? You guys are the experts and i'll trust your judgement on this it's just that i'm just so stressed with things at the moment that i want this sorted in the quickest way
  11. Thanks Rebel11 i've not received a letter of assignment from the bank and i've not made a CCA request to Cabot as i did all this with the bank and their solicitors at the time i was served with a papers for court. They did not reply to my requests for a CCA but they had the court case 'sisted' while they looked for it. The case was then withdrawn by the bank, i assumed it was because they could not locate a copy of a CCA. Do you think it is worthwhile writing to Cabot for one as i thought the bank could.not enforce things without one and why do you think the bank have sold a debt they know they have no CCA for? Unfortunately your link takes me to a suggested letter called letter to be used when a DCA refuses to comply with a CCA request i'm not sure if this would be the correct letter to send.
  12. Hi folks i'm looking for a bit of help here. Bank pursued me for a cc debt in 2009 and raised an ordinary cause action in the local court, however they could not provide me with a copy of the cca and withdrew their action on the back of this - the case was not heard in the courts, just withdrawn by their solicitors. I've heard nothing since however, i've now got a letter from Cabot asking for me to get in touch as they now own the debt and clearly want me to pay it. Can someone help me with a letter or guide me in what i should be doing? If there is no agreement how can the bank sell the debt and how can cabot expect to collect on it - more importantly i'm up to my eyes in it just now and the last thing i need is another DCA hassling me for money, when i'm just about managing to keep my head above water how do i put a stop to this now, can anyone help me!
  13. thanks AA, ill send the template letter off to them on monday.
  14. i'm looking for some help with the next stage following my SAR request. The 40 days have past and i've not received any documents from BH. What do i do now? Do i send them a letter reminding them they only had 40 days in which to reply to my SAR or do i give them a bit longer? If i need to write to them again, can anyone help me compose or suggest a suitable letter to send them? I'd appreciate any help as i'm keen to reclaim the PPI and get back what i'm entitled. thanks
  15. Sorry Pompeyfaith, i forgot to reply to your question, no they did not refund any interest when they cancelled the PPI on my current loan they just refunded the payments made, as a 'good will gesture'
  16. Hi, Well the SAR was sent to them on 15 May so 40 days is nearly up however, i received a letter from BH earlier in the week. I had forgoten all about having already written to asking for a refund of all the PPI payments made for my previous loan. The loan in question was taken out in Dec 2005 and paid off early when i refinanced to my current loan in May last year. I wrote to them at the start of the year because as they had cancelled the PPI on my current loan and refunded the payments made as a 'good will gesture' i thought why not. They did reply with a copy of the signed agreement showing a tick in the box requesting PPI, but my copy was not ticked, and i wrote back to them challenging the authenticity of their copy. Anyway i did not get any reply and forgot all about it and decided to send the SAR after reading other posts onthis forum. However, i received a letter from them earlier this week . They have offered to cancel the PPI on the previous loan and refund the payments made and pay 8% statutory Interes as well as an additional compensation amount of 8% added to the sum as well. As you can imagine i'm extremely happy as i genuinely had forgotten all about the letter i had sent them. however, i'm a bit suspicious of their offer as it seems a bit coincidental that after i send a SAR to them they are happy to refund the PPI paid that particular loan loan. Why would they do that? Also, they have not provided me with a breakdown of how they worked out the amount they are refunding me, they have just quoted the amount they are willing to pay, and i have to sign a declaration stating that i am prepared to accept the offer in full and final settlement of the issues i have raised and of any further claim against BH. before they will send the money to me. I have a couple of questions i was hoping somone could help me with, As their copy of the agreement was clearly altered after it was signed should i report it to the police and TS before signing away my right to take futher action and how do i work out exactly how much of a refund i should be receiving, if the loan was paid off early after 29 months, the PPI added to the loan was £2026.60 and interest was 7.9%?
  17. Thanks Alanalana, all my loans were refinancing loans too, and they were all with the same company - Blackhorse. From what i can gather from this forum they appear to be one of the more difficult to reclaim PPI from. I have all my original agreements and while i have already written and asked for the PPI to be refunded i have received the standard 'get lost' letters in response. They did cancel the PPI on my current loan and have refunded the payments made so this is not a problem it is the previous loans that i want the PPI refunded on. In all cases they were mis-sold primarily because i had no idea they had been added and if i had been asked any questions i would have explained about my employer providing generous sick pay and redundancy packages. I also had a previous medical condition at the time i took out one of the loans which, had i been asked about existing medical conditions, would have prevented me qualifying for PPI. I'll send the SAR and get a look at just how much is to be refunded and take it from there. I'll keep you updated on any progress.
  18. Hello, i'm looking for some help with reclaiming PPI and i've had a look around this site but i can't find anything that is similar to my situation. I have had 4 loans (since 2002), with a particular financial organisation each time paying one off one loan with another, and as such i only have one loan at the moment. Because of the media coverage regarding mis-selling of PPI i looked at my agreement and discovered i had had PPI added to my loan which i did not know about and certainly did not need. I wrote and asked them to cancel it and refund the monies already paid. They refused to do so at first and sent me a copy of my agreement which had a tick in the box beside the i want to purchase PPI statement. However, my copy of the agreement did not have this tick so they reconsidered and refunded all the money paid to date, and removed this from my current loan. Now after looking at my previous agreements it seems that PPI has been added to each and every one of the loans i have had yet i knew nothing about this. No questions were asked no mention of this being optional or any alternatives offered. I wrote to the financial organisation and asked for all the PPI payments made for all these previous loans to be refunded and they are insisting that these were not mis-sold. I realise that i need to write to them again and from what i can see here i think i should be sending a SAR to them however, i'm not sure which to send and how i make sure i get all the info they have regarding the PPI they added to my loan agreements and what more information will i get from them that will help me get my PPI payments back. sorry for rambling
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