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  1. hi can anyboby point me to a letter tenplate that i can use to get out of a contract with a gim it is costing me £60 a month and their is no way i can aford it GOD KNOWS WHY I EVER JOINED THANKS
  2. hi just a bit of a up date on my mess mbna have agreed to my token payment but i am still struggling with the rest of them but at least it is one of my back for a while. again thanks for your help and understanding support. hayway
  3. thanks ida so you would only do one at a time hayway
  4. Hi again well so far i have been replying to all the letters from all my creditors and continuing to send the token payments but they are still adding interest and £12 every month taking me over the limit even more so i am getting in more debt all the time. so is it worth me keep sending the token payment because i feel i am getting no were and really feeling very low and confused i just cannot Carrie on like this it is making think what is the point in anything i am struggling just to pay my priority things thanks hayway
  5. thanks ida but were do i start because i have no idea hayway
  6. ok changed banks but there is a over draft on the old account of 1,500 and they keep adding chargers which take it over the limt so more chargers dont know what to do about this any advise please hayway
  7. just to let you know of any progress .capital one has now been sent the harassment letter was receiving up to 10 calls a day and lloyds are refusing my token payment so no progress at all hayway
  8. got a letter today from cap1 they have had all the paperwork they have asked for but in the letter they said they need to speak to me urgently before a payment plan could be set up they needed some more information so i stupidly rang them they are now saying they want payslips which they did asked for.i told them they only asked for bank statements and proof of any benefits we get so now they say because we failed to give them all the information ,so they cannot help with a payment plan in the end i told them we was going round in circles and hung up on them i was so angry so now just going to
  9. can tsb take loan payment out of my bank account when there is no money in it but there is a overdraft on it but is at its limit just a bit worried that they will take it and exceed the overdraft limit and i will get a load of chargers hayway
  10. sent a letter to bank of Scotland on the 22 05 09 offering a token payment but not had a response yet is this a normal time it takes them or do i need to resend the letter hayway
  11. ok thanks were do i find the harrssmant template had a look and cannot find it hayway
  12. oh dear the phone call are coming now i have just been hanging up on them am i doing the right thing hayway
  13. thanks ida yes i have sent a i&E should i just keep sending the token payment then hayway
  14. OK i have had a reply from cap1 they want me to ring them before they can agree to a payment plan because they need moor information and they want a bank statement and a copy of a letter stating what benefits i get.Is this the normal thing what should i do send them and ring them hayway
  15. hi just done a online dept management thing online with ccca and they have recommended going bankrupt now i am really terrified and do not even want to think about what the future will be like ijust cannot cope with this anymoor plus the bank rung yesterday i have to go see them today they said they can save us some money just donot know anything anymoor sorry but i can not do this anymoor
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