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  1. Hi I am not sure I am on the right form if not admin please direct to me... I had one of my tenant from Solovakia lived here with his family. and since than he has been claiming Working tax credit. More over every year I reported to HMRC , filled fraud form, Filled form with HMRC direct, threaten them that I will reporting to local news paper. After 4 years continue complaints I got forms today again that thier claims are updated.... awarded another loads of money.. Its so funny that they girl withdraw money from Solovakia and this bouy works full time here and they get £17000 for being OUR
  2. Thanks steam Yes I agree that it was not "Marital Asset" I just let them live there until they save and buy their own. Yes She did add her interest with land registry. First she wanted to move in this house and she is going to rent as this will be far away from her parents home where she has chosen to live. Taking about her interest is of course she will be looking for some easy cash. Family solicitor thinks that after divorce nisi court can make order to remove her name from land registry. Like your advise I just wanted to rent to cover the mortgage while all this crap is going between
  3. Thank you Steam Ok lets look at this way that she only lived in the property for 18 months . property was bought 7 years ago. her contribution was only sharing the mortgage for that period. What can be the worst outcome??
  4. one of the property my son's name but my wife and my daughters are the trustee?? so is this OK
  5. My son never paid any monies toward the deposit . It is stated in the Trust deed that He has no rights of the any money of profit. This trust was made by solicitors and they also registered with land registry.
  6. No I am the trustee and beneficiary. He only got me the mortgage......
  7. 1. Yes it is on my son's name for mortgage purposes only as I have invested the finance. 2. Yes There is a signed deed of trust and it is also registered with land registry. any more questions please ask
  8. Hi I may not be in the right forum but I need to know that I am a trustee of the property. Mortgage is on my son's name and I provided the funds and we set up the Trust that when ever he wants to sell it I will be sole beneficiary. We did this to protect for any unhappy events he face like divorce. and Now he is in between divorce and his ex left the house. I want to rent this or sell but she has put her interest with the land registry although she only lived 18 month in this so called "matrimonial" house. My moved back with me and property is vacant right now. I am concern about the mortgage
  9. Hi Cerber thanks for you reply . I have just checked it says CREDIT AGREEMENT REGULATED BY THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 and they send me 2 bundle sets about 10 pages each and they are newly printed already on this thread. 1. First one got my very old address 2. second one got my latest address but none of them gives any idea of th which period. 3. Address on this application is totaly different than the both T'&C. this copy the application was send to me 2 yrs ago. http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/application8018.jpg. and on this latest letter from BOScott qoutes
  10. Hi CB/Cerber I know its been long time I hope you gys are well and doing fine. I got this morning letter from DCA Blair, Oliver Scot after almost 1 yr since they passed the account to westcot, Iqor and others. Now they have send me these documents along with 25 pages of terms and conditions. Please let me know what more I can write. We are going in circles. http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/Halifax8018-2.jpg http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/Halifax8018-1-2.jpg Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi CB I send the letter above as advise but today I got this http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/Capital1RW1.jpg . May be my letter is crossed. Funny enough they called my home no today aswell. I told them I will not be veryfyiong any of my detail on the phone. Only written replys. Should I ingnore this for the time being untill they receive my letter. thanks
  12. Hi CB/ Cerber Hope you guys are doing fine. I got this letter from RW since Jan 2011 for homw visit. If you read this thread before they can not prove that they have been asigned and Cap1 can not find the account. Now they are threating with house visit. Advise please and Thanks http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/Capital1RW.jpg
  13. Hi CB , Had a horrible New Year Eve as my wife had a Brain Hemmerage. We end in for the the whole January at Kings College Hospital . they had to do open head surgery. God's blessing she got back home in Feb and doing fine. She was the fittest of all of us don't know how did that happened but the whole period was shoking and stressful. Staff at Hospital were God's Angels and done a wonderful job. I am doing a charity event in June to raise funds for them. My target is £15,000 as they are in need of some machines for their surgical wards. I am on target to do it with the help of family and
  14. Hello CB/Cerber, Hope you guys are all fine. After defaulting Halifax passed the account to most of the DCA's like Blair Scott, RW.IQOUR, Wescot and few others. I requested all of them for a signed agreement and they all failed. Now they all give up and Halifax send me this http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/Halifax2011.jpg http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/Halifax20111.jpg So we are back to square one. What should I do ? Send them the same request again or ignor few times? Advise please and thank you.
  15. Thanks CB Yes this is the same that RW claim its been assigned to them and CAP1 can not find the account at all
  16. Hi CB/ Cerber Let me wish you guys a happy season. I had a very horrible start to this year as my wife had a subarcniod brain hemmorhhage. After 3 weeks she just able to start talking and sitting. All the loved ones prayer for us and God blessed her recovery. After 7months I got this letter from RW regarding Cap1. I think I should not write any more or otherwise please inform. Thnak you http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/Rwcapita.jpg
  17. Hi Bookworm So far AQ been sent and today we made a file to lodge to the court as direction. Hearing is on 4th Nov 2010. If you can help by advising what sort of Q's we can ask the otherside? I have study and bought a copy from this site for small claim but it doesn't suggest the Q's. 2. Q Not relating to this case but my very old case. I went to court in 2005 and from day 1 they used wrong name i;e; Suposse a real name is "Hukhchain sahota" and all the court documents were "Huhuhhu sahota". Even I gave them the correct name and shown my I.D. still the judgement enter with the wrong
  18. Hi Cerber/CB Got this from them the same old application form. http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/BOSW1.jpg http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/BOSW2.jpg Any reply? Thanks
  19. Thanks my friend! Cerber this is going to them early morning .
  20. Thanks cerber so what shall I reply to them?
  21. Hi Cerber / CB got this from IQOR for my letter #77. Its funny this application was signed by them the same date as mine. This not an agreement is it? Untill now they never send this to me although I requested SAR. Now I think this been regenrated. http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/IQORR1.jpg http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv342/Andy01/IQORR2.jpg
  22. They will pass it on to another DCA either Capquest or Iqor . You will end up writing the same crap to them and then they will like talk to you to settle if possible. You know what to do then. Politely say "Sod off"
  23. first of all you can check online that whether they recieved your letter. if so ball is in there court. Now you have to wait ans see what are they going to write and go step by step rather than all guns blazing. I can understand the frustration as I am dealing with them too.
  24. At the same time request for CCA and send this http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk...php?f=119&a=96   Letter to request CCA Your Address Date Dear Sir/Madam Re:- Account/Reference Number XXXXXXXXXX This letter is a formal request pursuant to s.77(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I require you to provide me with a true copy of the credit agreement relating to the above account, together with any other documentation the Act requires you to provide. I expect you to comply fully and properly with this request, within the statutory time limit. You a
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