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  1. Ok apologies for being slow on the uptake, but who does this letter before action go to? Cheers, Stoss
  2. Hi Fellow CAGers, I need some help here please. I have 2 defaults on my Credit Report from Robinson Way. I have written 3 times to Robinson Way, and I've had 1 response from them saying they don't know who I am. I have become tired of writing for the last 8 weeks to Robinson Way for them to continually refuse to respond to my requests. I then contacted Experian to place a notice of correction against these 2 entries. They have marked the entries as in dispute etc. I have now received an email from Experian saying that Robinson Way say the entries are correct so t
  3. Small consolation but I'm going through a similar issue with Robinson Way, which I imagine is related to British Gas. British Gas haven't exactly had the best of times on Watchdog and I've had to complain to EnergyWatch about them in the past. I'm now being chased for some ridiculous figures for a property I've not lived in for over 2 years, even though I paid the final bills. I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing on that one in case anyone can take anything from my actions.
  4. Hi CAGers, Robinson Way have not bothered to correspond in over a month. So they are getting one last piece of correspondence from me. If you will be so kind as to read and see if there's anything else I need to say that would be great. This is my last correspondence with them as they've really annoyed me by blanking me and my correspondence. Anyway letter below: Dear Sir/Madam, With regard to my original letters, dated the xx of May and the xx of June both of which you have received. Your continued lack of correspondence has left me with no choice bu
  5. Updates: SRJ/AMEX Issue has been resolved. I wrote to AMEX and they have responded saying the debt is indeed satisfied and they have notified the various CRAs. Robinson Way I've had no response from these clowns, despite responding to them over 2 weeks ago. My response was sent recorded on the 6th June. Can anyone advise what my next step should be? I'm sick of these people dragging their heels. I mean I've had to contact them, yet they've placed 2 defaults on my Credit Report. What is my next step? Cheers, Stoss
  6. PGH, Thanks for the support. I'll be kicking off big style with this one as there is no debt here, just something made up from years ago. Very infuriating. I've been in debt yes, but I've sorted all of that out now. All I've got to do now is clear this gash effort of a DCA up and I'm on my way to normality!! I'll send my letter and see what happens. I'll speak with the CRA in due course. Cheers, Stoss
  7. PGH, The thought had crossed my mind! I'll wait and see what they come back with. Here's my next letter to Robbers Wart: Dear Sir/Madam, With regard to my original letter, dated the 29th of May, my letter still stands and is attached once again for your files. My correspondence was for you to keep, not for sending back to me. With regard to your communication dated the 3rd of June, the address at which you have applied defaults against and linked to my credit report is: xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx As I stated in my original correspondence I have never been con
  8. Hi CAGers, I had posted in another thread, however this is worthy of it's own seperate thread I think. I had a debt with American Express, they appointed SRJ Debt recoveries, I made an agreement with them in full and final settlement 2 months ago. I've checked my Credit Report and I'm seeing American Express has deducted the settlement amount from the amount owed and is keeping the file open as still being in default, not being marked as satisfied. Now, I've had some very good help from various members of CAG on here, so I've decided to write to American Express. If you w
  9. Hi CAGers, So I duly despatched the letter to Robinson Way, they have responded and they were kind enough to send me my original letter back for some reason. This is from the hand written letter I got: We are unable to locate your account on our files, please supply our reference number. This can be found on the right hand side of our letters below the amount due. If you do not have our reference number please supply additional information that may assist us further. Your letter has been enclosed. This was hand written too: Please send us copies of your defaults
  10. Harrassed Senior, Thanks for spotting that typo , we wouldn't want to step down to the DCAs normal level of spelling and grammatical errors. Cerberus Alert, Thanks for giving it the once over and the previous links. I'll keep you all posted as to what I get back in the post! Cheers, Stoss
  11. Hi CAGers, I am about to send this letter off to Robbing Sons Wart. Would any of you be so kind as to give it a once over to see if it's acceptable? Basically I don't want to wait any longer for some contact from this "DCA" and I want to bring the matter to them directly even though I have no reference, they have found it acceptable to place the defaults last August. But not necessary to bother once contacting me about the alleged debts. Thanks to Cerberus Alert for the link to the letter. I have modified it slightly to suit the circumstances applicable to me. Anyway letter be
  12. tindwcel, Thanks for the information, I have to be honest that I didn't think they would employ a human to send this mail! lol Silverfox1961, Thanks for the link to the letter, I'm not sure if this is the way to go as I have a nagging doubt that it may not have been paid, although I thought all my Egg debt was paid via DLC over 2 years ago. I have no paperwork to back that up though unfortunately. As I've said previously I just want the debts cleared and marked as satisfies ASAP so I can get back to a normal life! Thanks so far, Stoss
  13. Fermi, Thanks for that information... Typical isn't it pretending to be someone you're not. Anyone got a suggestion what to do now? As I said before I'm keen to clear my debts ASAP. Does anyone think I can negotiate a removal of the Default they have placed on my Credit Report? If so how should I word any communications to FIRE? Thanks Stoss
  14. Hi again CAGers, It would certainly seem that after paying of one debt a thousand others appear. I have had a communication, well several communications from Financial Investigations and Recoveries Europe Limited on Behalf of Cabot, on behalf of Egg apparently. Now the letter says: Despite repeated requests for payment, you still owe our client, the Cabot Financial Group £xxx As a final attempt to resolve this matter and to stop any further action, FIRE will guarantee to consider any sensible offer in full and final settlement of your account. This offer can be either
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