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  1. just wantto add something im in 5 weeks arears and when i went in to pay in the yellow money they told me they had stopped the yellow money dont know if they was lying but they said they stopped it last month i went to legal aid and they did a three way telephone call to bright house and i ave been quite lucky they ave done a rewrite on my account took all the arrears off and as i can not afford the weekly amount any more we came to an agreement that i took one of the items back which i didnt really need and lowered my weekly payments from 72 pounds to 30 pounds and extented my agreeme
  2. clemma just wondering if u could give me some advise i am goin bright house today as i spoke via legal aid with them and he wants to try and find a soluition he said i could bring in one item that i have not had that long and reset that item but im wondering how that will effect my arrears will they still want me to pay all the arrears at once which i will not be able to do im confussed he seemed to be nice on the phone but i dont know if thats because legal aid was in on the conversation he also said not to b worrying myself but wot will happen to arrears????
  3. does it matter if the letter is hand written
  4. Thanxs Were Do I Get The Address From For The Head Office Cheers
  5. Thanxs For That I Will Write To Them Instead Do I Send It To The Store Or Head Office
  6. Thanxs Clemma The 443 Is Arrears Not The Full Total I Am Going To Phone Them Today Again To C If They Can Take Payment In Installments Thanxs
  7. hi im in arrears with bright house by 4 weeks they keep banging at my door and leavin notes saying they r cumin to collect the goods my balance is 443.00 and they want it by monday can they cum into my house tryed phoning to cee if i can pay in two instaments but they said they cant and want the money im frightened to death keep cryin myself to sleep at night dont know wot im goin to do
  8. hi im in arrears with bright house by 443 pounds 4 weeks late they keep bangin on my door which im to frightened to answer ive offered to pay in 2 installmants 2 weeks ago but they said no and now i dont know wot im going to do keep crying myself to sleep at night i really dont know wot im goin to do could anybody help#????
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