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  1. im registering to experian in any case, see how bad things are.
  2. yes.. i "owe" them money but surely they cannot ad defaults to my profile month after month even after the contract has ended and why should i pay 3mobile for a service i could not recieve, there CS is crap, and i hate there service, they just refused to repair my phone and wanted to charge me, so i told them here to get off, there constant rip offs, i need not go into this further, but there attitude is disgusting
  3. hi guys.. back.. not being on in about a month due to medical issues anyway looked at my report i had an old contract with 3 mobile which i refused to pay cause they wouldnt repair my phone, after they conned me out of paying over £80 for downloading a youtube video, the contract had about 2 month left on it and they have more than made there money from me - owed them £50 something pounds which has now being added £15 trace fee and sent to D CA got credit report, quite shocked to see they put a red mark next to my name once a month for about the last 7 months can they do
  4. My sister, had set up a new "premier" account with hsbc or something, the ones that cost you a few quid a month and such( for Card protection and phone insurance ect.. whch by the way she never used :/_) anyhow, when they tried to take the money out for this there was no money in, meaning her account go over drawn because of charges (£38 a pop) anyhow, anytime something tryed to be taken out of the account they would charge £38 a go and before u know it after a few months there is around £300 in charges (maybe more now..) Tomorow im planning to go to the bank with her to try
  5. I know.. I think with the amount of claims going in right now, they are deciding not to contest th e small claims when the customer keeps going.. This website is very good, it needs to be cept open and more people need to find it, i do not need to see cause that donated money is going to be spent well, the fact it inspired me to challange my bank for money that was mine, and i got back, - this website effectly put my money back in my pocket, for that thank it and its community However, right now i have to get ready for work and such, tomoro my car is going in for MOT afterwards i w
  6. SS enclosed Thanks guys As promised i will make a donation refund.bmp
  7. They have just re-funded my charges¬¬!! ***WIN***WIN***WIN***WIN***WIN***WIN***WIN*** :):):):):)
  8. Very much so but i stated when openeing the account, as you did, that i NEVEr want to become over drawn and relied on the same thing you did, that the account would NEVEr be over drawn and there for didnt check my balence it isnt an issue now, as ive payed the charges and my account has never been overdrawn sinse, as they for some reason put the account back to the "£10 buffer system" as which they shou ld have kept it at that in which case the customer would never become overdrawn by using an ATM, as which is what i requested when i joined in any case, for the tird fee, the ba
  9. i have contacted them on both different cases, in any case, i am due some kind of refund First case: they charged me £50 for lending money i didint effectily know about second case, they charged me £25 for a £14 overdraft, i contacted them about this (there response is shown in the e-mail above) but i got so CHEESED off at there responses, i left it, but now ive decided to go as far as i can to re cover these fee's, as in my mind i belive they have being charged wrongfully (in any case i imagine i could claim them back as UNFAIR) but this is a direct promlem on there part, im
  10. This is the E-mail i have just sent to them - personal info Wednesday 5th May 2009 Request for repayment of charges GREEN ADV xxxxxxxx J xx-xx-xx xxxxxxxxx Dear Sir/Madam, My request I am writing to ask you to refund to me bank charges and related interest which you have levied from my account over the last 6 Months I would like to Point out, that on 27/28th November 2008 , due to an error made by ATM (cash Machine ) My account was allowed to go into overdraft of £104.42 when your limit was £10. Because of this machine error , which has
  11. hi.. Thanks for your reply Ive clicked the link to these letters but not sure which one i should apply for this.. Could you help me with a short but simple letter, explaining there mistake, and that i wish for a refund, and on what grounds i can request this, also to inform them if they do not comply i would be seeking legal action against them I would firstly send this in an E-mail to them via there online banking, as ive had things sorted out on there before... if that has no luck i will send the same as contained in e-mail to my branch in a letter... **EDIT**
  12. Nope, my limit has allways being £10, to what ive known, but for some reason a few months ago i was allowed to get over drawn by £100 out of my bank, (via Cash machine) would this somewhat be classed as lending me more than i wanted to lend, or than what was orriginally set up on my card? consiquently charging me more than they should I could understa nd being charged for a returned DD or something, but not because of getting money from a machine, normly the machine should just DENY me the money and say infsufiant funds i questioned the bank about this and they blamed it on the cash
  13. You dont get it My bank was not overdrawn from Direct debit that there was not enough money in my bank for But, simply be cause the bank increased my lending limit without my consent, and because the machine has never let me go over the £10 lending limit (Which is FREE of charges) i didnt check my balence However, i belive the bank knew they was in the wrong, it was ovbius they increased my lending limit to £100, (just blaimed it on cash machine and fobbed me off) Bassically what i wan t to prove is i didnt sign up to be able to lend more than £10, so in the bank doin
  14. bump If this ever gets resolved and i get my money back, i will donate 33% to this forum, and the rest towards my car MOT -lol
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