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  1. Awesome advice all.!! many thanks. total sucess using the OFT vs MBNA thing, first wrote complaint on santander website siting the OFT vs MBNA and the fact i was being ignored whilst trying to make offers. got called two days later (today) bank accepted all my offers. all sorted now , here is an update for you, viking debt collection is 100% santander as i rang them two days ago, and the phone was answered like this. Hello santand....er....viking becky speaking. anyway just to say a big thanks as your advice worked. all good and managable at last. thanks. Pe
  2. Ok, had a few good replies from this site in the past so here goes. in short, am in debt to the tune of 23k. I have been making payments without issues on everything upto sept 2010. I make the mistake of borrowing from payday load company (swift sterling) to help cover with car repairs, in oct i got hit with massive bills from swift and made the mistake of using another payday loan company to bail out of the problem. ok now (stupid i hear you say, and yes i know) anyway i did it and have to live with it. now i originally approached my bank santander and asked them to help me rai
  3. thanks for both replies, I will complete setting up the new account today and will then set about getting the letter all sent to the various creditiors. thanks. Pete
  4. Morning All, Just a quic note in the hope that you will be able to offer me some advice, I have got some increasing debts (due to APR increases and payday loans). Background is due to a car accident in which an uninsured driver hit me, i have had to pay out emergeny monies to repair my car, else i cannot drive to work and earn. In an effort to do this i approached my bank 'santander', despite never missing any payments on any of my credit agreements with them, they refused to increase my loans, or help me to debt consolidate. so i turned to payday loans to help to raise the monies i
  5. Cheers All, I'll give your letter a bash and see how we go, I'll get back to you with an update. Thanks. Pete B. ps. is an intrest free repayment plan a viable option should i need to go that way? if so are there any letters i can use to help to get this request accross? many thanks for the help (as ever.!!) v. fast response Thanks.
  6. Hi All, Just a quick note, I am having a bit of bother understanding something Vanquis are doing to me. I had a credit card for over 2 yrs, i missed one payment (due to moving banks and setting up new direct debits) they closed my account and cancelled my card. I am making regular payments of £50 on the account. My available credit was £1250, my balance from what i can tell is now £1350. I make the £50 payment each month on the 15th of the month, they send me a statement showing my credit limit is £0 , deduct the £50 and add back £81 in charges. I ring up to discuss a
  7. Well after almost 2 months waiting and no reply to your letter, they finally wrote to me today to say they would no longer be persuning the debt. I cannot thank you enough as without your help I would have been struggling to repay something. thank you very very much. I'm off to make a small donation now. Pete.
  8. Thanks for that, I will have a read. I will send your letter off tomororw and I will update this with any replies I get, thanks again for a very fast response and advise. Pete B.
  9. Thank you Very Much, i will send your letter off tomorrow. Can I ask one more thing please. They are writing to me at my parent house and the are using c/o (care of) to get the letter to my parents. Am I ok to reply from this address, my parent are happy for me to use this address, as Call Serve dont actually have my rented address. I just wanted to make sure that I get it all right and dont put my foot in it etc.. Many thanks. Pete B.
  10. Hi, I'm a little stuck and dont know which way to turn. I have received a letter from 'CALL SERVE', who say they are demanding payment on behalf of DEBT MANAGERS LTD - EQUIDEBT LTD. They are requesting £5032.08 immediately, and failure to comply could result in a DEBT COLLECTOR calling or a COUNTY COURT JUDGMENT being registered against me. First off I am unsure what this debt relates to, I think it may be from back on 1999 - 2001 when I had an abbey national bank loan. I made a few payment back at the start, but i lost everything due to divorce, house, all money (savings), and
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