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  1. Hello , its been a while since I've posted and I appreciate help and have donated. I have a flat in east london that I am thinking of selling. I don't live in it but have done over the years. I now live in my husbands house. I bought the flat when I was single. Bought 70k 2001 Currently owe on mortgage 120k selling price up to 300k I lived in it alone from 2001- 2003. It was a rental property (tax paid) 2003-2008 our main residence 2008-2013 Rental property 2013- present Does anyone have any idea what kind of money I owe if I sell it? Is it worth
  2. Hi Andy , Yes, I think will ring them monday then . The defence is marked on the case page as being received and thats 3 weeks ago now. I am hoping no news is good news!
  3. Hello again, I submitted my defence on the 9th November and have yet to hear anything back. I have logged in again today to the moneyclaim online page but there is no update on there. Typically how long until I get some news on this? does anyone know?
  4. ok, Thanks so much for everything . I will post back with a progress report .
  5. Thank you ! I wont submit yet. If they dont respond to my cpr and cca shall I alter it and add that fact in ?
  6. Hi Andy, does this make sense for my Defence ? I am still unsure about admitting an agreement exists . I don't want to deny it either. But if I admit it then am I not going against everything I have been telling them in the last 3 years? - also, It was an application form,not a properly executed credit agreement. DEFENCE 1. Paragraph 1 is admitted with regards to the Defendant entering in to an Agreement referred to in the Particulars of Claim ('the Agreement') with BARCLAYCARD 2. Paragraph 2 is DENIED with regards to a Default Notice being served by either Barclaycard
  7. 1)I have 3 or 4 letters requesting that i contact them to arrange payment. 2)They never issued a dn. They must be assuming bc did it all correctly (I never received it) 3) I have no annual statements . On each letter it simply contains my balance at the top. 4) I have got statements. These are the old ones ( the card hasnt been used for many years). These statements were sent when I was asking for the cca. I was on a reduced payment agreement for a couple of years and whilst i was on that I reduced the balance from 9k to 6.5k approx. Then I stopped paying completely as I could no
  8. Hi Andy, So I should not admit entering into a agreement with the claimant ? similar to your ....- 4. Paragraph 2 is denied with regards to the Defendant not making payment to the Claimant and the Claimant is put to strict proof to: (a) show how the Defendant has entered into an agreement with the Claimant; and (b) show how the Defendant has reached the amount claimed for; and © show how the Claimant has the legal right, either under statute or equity to issue a claim; They were correctly assigned the debt though, and I received notice at the time.
  9. hi again, I am going to write my defence today. Its only going to be a few points like Andys above. I have read on the other thread links that its dangerous to deny the agreement exists entirely as they may produce it in court. But at the same time I do not want to admit it as per " Paragraph 1 is admitted with regards to the Defendant entering in to an Agreement referred to in the Particulars of Claim ('the Agreement') .." I do know that there was a bad microfiche of the application form . It was an old one with football stuff all over it ( if that makes sense) . But I am pretty
  10. True. I doubt Mk will respond to my cpr31.14 or cca request. If they dont then I assume I can mention that in my defence .
  11. No , it doesn't reappear and MKDP are nowhere on there.
  12. ok thanks Andy. I know nothing ! I checked my online credit file and it states the default was issued in 2010 and satisfied in 2011. I didn't receive notice of the DN at the time . Also, I dont know why it would state satisfied as I havent paid anything in years.
  13. Thanks Andy, I am just trying to get into to credit file online to see the status of this account. I will update here later with what I find. As for the other points above, I did receive notice of assignment as they state . point 4 , I have never made any payment to Mk as I stopped paying bc in 2009 when they refused to provide a cca. It got passed to many dca's before ending up with MK last year. I never paid any DCA anything.
  14. Hello, don't know if anyone is around... I read the link that Dotty provided. A lot of the defence is based on the vague POC. Mine isn't so vague as they have clearly improved their process slightly ! My poc states the bc account number and the date it was assigned (which matches the date on the letter they sent me). My defence is going to be based on there being no cca or an improper cca. I was reading one of the links within the link ; Johns case against Hillsden. His defence consists of 16 points and although a lot don't apply to my case I was thinking I could use and ad
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