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  1. And after all that, remind them that you live in Scotland and they have to use a Scottish Court. Might as well waste their time
  2. Well! MET don't do court. Ask for copy of contract with the Landlord. Ask for breakdown of pre - estimate of loss. Ask for VAT invoice if a charge. If by ANPR, ask for service records. If by ticket, ask what system is used to record details ie:- a phone. Ask who won the world cup in 1970........ and ask any additional added by others.
  3. The POFA 2012 does not apply to Scotland. I would not reveal the driver. Did u get a ticket on your car or was it by ANPR?
  4. It seems we have 2 new rising methods to [problem] us. The 'we sent you a letter' but was not received so it's the receivers fault. Which means you can turn thetables with this and sdayyou sent them a letter even Iif you did not. And the charge notice on your windscreen obscuring your legal parking ticket that you purchased. Then they remove it after the photos so you are not aware, hence you get the maximum charge. Suggest a print out of the above letter from DR and kept as reference and for circulation purposes
  5. Thanks silverfox. 2 in a year which gives a good indication where you stand with this company. I do give them credit for being somewhat smart as they do know how it works and when to back off.
  6. Here is an answer by asking a Question. Does anyone know of a court case with smart parking
  7. Quite amazing! You are apparently entered into a contract by a third party (the driver) and you are held liable despite not being there to read and agree to the terms. On its head don't u think
  8. You may receive a debt collector before the NTK. They also screw up on this as well.
  9. 3 Gregories Court Gregories Road Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire HP9 1HQ Use either address. I use the address I gave you Purley to let them know that I know exactly where they are and that I mean business. It's called playing their game. And I like publishing their actual address.
  10. It's UKPC so is easy to deal with. Most important to get this into your name before they pay it on your behalf Just to add the address for UKPC 3 Gregories Court Gregories Road Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire HP9 1HQ I also have the Directors address if you need it
  11. You are correct. They have 14 days to get their claim into your hands. If still unsure, read the BPA code of practice and quote the section number to them although they already know this. Ignore further communications or complain to the BPA.
  12. I agree about the videos and how some try and twist their perception of the law. We do however seem to live in a world where contracts and liabilities don't seem to need signatures of confirmation. Oh and happy new year to all.
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