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  1. Thank you ploddertom for responding ... The non-payment and arrears accrues due to a number of factors but of course they are real and I have to deal with it. My position has now improved but there is no way that £7k can be paid in one payment which is what the bailiffs have stated. I will never let them into my property so that would appear to prevent them from 'walking possession' the only assets that I can therefore see them taking would be the vehicles, mine whick is worthless and the wifes which has value of around £3k but was paid for by her is in her name and therefore they may have dif
  2. Can anyone please advise whether I can get this alleged debt back to the council and make some sort of arrangement with them or is it too late?
  3. Thank you for the reply, I will find out if the order is for 'those liable' or solely in my name, Can anyone please advise how to deal with Equita, do I ignore and/or make a court application regarding the arrears.
  4. Had a visit from Equita this morning regarding 3 years arrears amounting to over £7k .. The demand was to pay in FULL immediately this sum, he showed me that he had scribbled down the registration no's of our two vehicles, one being mine the other is in my wife's name. My questions are ... The council tax is solely in my name does the bailiff have a 'levy' over my wife's car? but more importantly can I get this account sent back to the council by applying to the court and try to negotiate some sort of payment plan? What do I do with the bailiffs as they threatened to return at 5pm if I don't c
  5. Thank you for your response Lea - I greatly appreciate your advice ...Thank You
  6. Hi Ell-en, The judge basically said the length of non-payment was causing him grave concern, there had been ample time to resolve issues and simply not paying was something he could not understand. The mortgage appeared to him to be perfectly valid and he agreed that a possession order should be granted. The judge looked at my offer but did not really comment and focused more on the non-payment and therefore the enforcement. Lea .. Any sale is unlikely to be completed in 28 days .. the market is slow and a house 2 doors down has been up for sale for 18 months so that is unrealistic ..
  7. Thank you for your help ... Judge gave 28 day possession order so I assume I will get a notice for eviction. As there is equity in the property can I place the property on the market and apply for the proceeds to be paid from there. I may be able also to beg from my parents a larger sum to pay off the arrears in the hope of staying in the property. Am I clutching at straws and there is nothing now that can be done? Thnk you Ell-en and Lea for investing your time in me. GB
  8. Thank you again Lea I will pm Ell-en and request to see a duty advisor prior to the hearing. I will outline as part of my defence the proposals i will put to the Mortgage Co. Must admit I think things are looking extremely bleak.
  9. Thank you for your replies - You mentioned seeing a 'duty advisor' who is this and what is their role? I will contact the mortgage co. 1st thing on Monday with a proposal and see where that goes. Do i need to file a defence? and can someone (Ell-en) help with that? Thank you
  10. Oh - No there is no endowment policy in place to repay the capital. GB
  11. Hi Lea Thank you for taking the time to post that detailed response. My current monthly payment should be 813.40 the last payment i made was 1,483.15 on 1st april 2008. The mortgage was taken out in June 2006, so nearly 2 years payments were made not 9 months as my memory thought. I can offer to pay the arrears spread over the remaining period as outlined in your first point, although I understand that this is a 'CAN' and is perhaps unlikely to be accepted. I understand your points two and three. Point four - There is a possibility of borrowing from a relative but the max. that i real
  12. Hi Lea, 1.Its an interest only mortgage taken out in 2008 with 20 yr term 2.I paid for roughly 9 months in 2008/9 3.The 'error' came to light early 2009 when i received a letter from optima legal on behalf of mortgages plc saying the mortgage deed had not been signed by me and instructed me to do so - I took advice at that time and was told the mort. contract was not fully in place and thats when i stopped my payments .. April 2009 4.i do not have 36k to pay them .. I can afford to re-commence payments and add on to start reducing the arrears. 5.i.r.o. £500 per month 6.I can now af
  13. Thank you Ell-en - the fact that they have not really pushed for 3 years was in the opinion of the 'claims rep' a positive as he said the paperwork did not appear to be in order - hence do not pay.
  14. Ell-en there is nothing in writing ... The mortgage company is Mortgages Plc. Is the mortgage deed which has not been signed and therefore not in place something that legally needs rectifying and I can use to try to negotiate a payment plan?
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