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  1. Hanging on still.... Last letter I recieved was from Aktiv Kapital in early 2012...stating they have purchased the debt from Experto, but I should continue to contact Experto....I have not responded to anything since May 2011. Aktiv Kapital are updating my credit file and have been since 2012 Have noticed that Aktiv Kapital have been hitting the Court Claims and that a lot of Judges are siding with AK. Particularly in "Shamrockers" case, I was disturbed that the Judge had little time or regard concerning CCA regs. Now this has got me a bit twitchy, as my last payment was in the spr
  2. thank you both, more smoke and mirrors from them then. do i really need to educate them on their errors? or should i just ignore and let them believe they have me on the run.
  3. thank you sunflower, i was just a liitle concerned at their interpretation of the cca stating that they had allowed 7 clear days to rectify DN.
  4. letter recieved from barclaycard in response to my letter accepting unlawfal rerescission. has anyone else had a similar response?. they of course will claim that there actions are lawfall and follow the cca 1974. my d/n is posted on page 1 of this thread and i am informed that it is "tosh". Barclaycard say that they have not added any unlawfal charges to this account, but they continued to add monthly interest whilst account was in dispute. 2nd page quote," i hope i have fully resolved your complaint". well its not resolved and i did not complain, i just info
  5. update, mercers and calders have now gone away.. recieved the letter below from Credit Solutions Ltd. brief summary of whats been going on. cca - only usual terms and conditions supplied. account placed in dispute. Default Notice sent by Mercers- innefective. mercers passed on to Calders. Calders seen off. No NOA recieved Scotcall seem off . Mercers demanded payment of account in full. Credit Solutions are demanding payment in full. Subject access request sent off to Barclaycard last week. smells like unlawfal recission to me? cs.ltd.PDF
  6. judging from all of your fantastic contributions on here you are far from that. more like a guiding light to many.
  7. your a star Vint, thank you so much:p
  8. thanks once again Vint, this is the link i was refering to,i cant read all of the text down the right hand side. i did copy and paste a similar request which i was going to send, but i cant locate it:???: was hoping someone had a copy so i dont foul up the request. have been reading the thread on Invalid default notices, and the importance of accepting unlawfal recision by letter. to sum up, my case, invalid d/n account sold before rectification date demand for full balance. letter from me to them accepting unlawfal recision. just think now would be a good time to
  9. have just sent of letter to Experto informing them that the agreement they sent me was a reconstructed agreement and was the reason the account was ,and is still i dispute with mbna. have also confirmed in writing that the account was sold to them before rectification date on D/N, thus causing unlawfal rescition, with i have accepted. so , i now need to SAR mbna. i have tried to link to sar templates, but cannot read all of the letter because of advertising blocking out some of text. i would be grateful; if anyone has aSAR letter that can be copied.
  10. ok slick. i shall consider myself told;-)
  11. thanks shadow, i wish i could be as cynical as you:-) i guess everything has many iterpretations.
  12. thank you, slick. i have yet to S.A.R. barclaycard. do you think i should wait a little longer, i mean wait for calders to demand full amount outstanding? going back to one of your previous posts what is the significance of them saying "this is our final response"? is it just another tactic they use to put me on the back foot?
  13. just reading back through my thread and noticed all of oilyrags posts in my thread have been removed any reason why??
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