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  1. This is what I believed to be the case - thanks for confirming. Unfortunately legislation cannot prevent employers from doing things badly, but it does provide recourse. Thanks for your assistance
  2. Thanks for the response. I am aware that at least one of my colleagues has been made aware of whether myself and specific others will continue to be employed after this round of job cuts. He is the same level as me and therefore not entitled to the information by right of being my Line Manager. He has actually been given a copy of the new organisation chart. Whilst it would appear foolish to entrust this information to someone who has leaked it my concern is that the decision has been made on who goes and who stays without us having the benefit of any consultation. If a consult
  3. My Employer issued an internal email on 1st Feb announcing that they were planning to reduce the workforce. In this announcement they stated "We do not have final numbers or specific dates for all reductions now, because decisions regarding proposals for certain international offices are pending. Local laws will be governing a consultation process with employees in those locations" There will be more than 20 people being cut in the UK. We have not had any consultation in Europe but certain members of staff have been given confirmation of their role in the "new" regime and have been a
  4. caro - thank you so much this is really helpful
  5. looks like even more economising needed - suffice to say lesson learned!
  6. I have looked into Credit Unions but they are all bonded by the area that you live in or work in. I live in Luton but the Luton credit union only covers a very specific area and there is no credit union in Westminster which is where I work.
  7. thanks for this but when I click on the link I get an introduction to the Guide to reclaiming unfair bank charges and related articles but I cannot find the contents of the actual guide
  8. Larkhall

    Disputed Debt

    I am being chased by a DCA collecting for HSBC. The debt relates to an overdraft amount £3500 which increased to £5916 with interest and charges before they finally agreed to close the account. I have disputed the increased amount and made repeated offers to HSBC for repayment of the initial sum - no response at all just straight to DCA. Any advice?
  9. My intention is to avoid defaulting by reducing my monthly repayment - I could easily afford a repayment based on an interest rate of 50 - 100% pa and hoped that someone on here might know of a reputable organisation that might be prepared to take a risk on someone with a bad history but a decent income now.
  10. Thanks - I will use this info and start the process.
  11. Hi I'm new to the Forum and not sure whether everyone is entitled to reclaim their bank charges and how to go about this? I went through years of financial difficulty during which I incurred masses of charges - including one account where HSBC increased the level of the debt from the authorised overdraft limit of £3500 to £5900 with charges and interest and are now chasing for settlement of the increased debt. I'd appreciate some basic guidance - thanks
  12. Does anyone know of a source for credit other than the payday type loans? I used payday loans to help me through when I started a new job last year but they are so expensive it's getting to be a problem to clear them. I need to borrow around £1500 and only want it for 12 months. I am happy to suffer a high interest rate as it would still be cheaper but my credit is so poor that I am being knocked back for anything other than a Guaranator Loan. Any advice?
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