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  1. They sent me a letter a while back to say they are investigating -- I haven't heard a peep from them since. HAHA! Cheers!
  2. My letter said this: Yes, it's a template letter. And I sent it to my local branch. I really aren't sure exactly how to reply in words. You lot have more experience than me in this type of thing. Would it be better for me to email them about this?
  3. Ok, received a letter today. I shall post it here: So there you have it. No intention of giving it me back. First, why is he trying to contact me via phone? I want this done in writing. Secondly, what do I do now? Should I send the following letter?: Would appreciate any help. To me, £152 is not fair and I want this ALL back.
  4. OK, Paypal rung today. This has to be harrasment. They have both the debt collectors phoning me and them thereselves. I just said I sent a letter to the debt collector company and she said oh you're going that way, fine. I hope I'm doing the right thing here.
  5. They called again today. The cheeky idiot asked if I had my debit card ready to pay. I told him clearly that I have sent a letter to them and he told me they haven't received it yet. I said well you should receive it within the next day or two. He then said well are you saying you dont owe it, I said yes that is what I am saying. He said OK and put the phone down. I just hope they bother to read my letter.
  6. Well the letter has been sent. However, eBay have called today when I was out. They have told me to ring them its important and left a reference number. Obviously, this has to do with the Paypal debt. Shall I just sit and wait it out because I've sent the letter to the debt collectors? The letter they sent me clearly said "do not contact Paypal, as they will refer you to us."
  7. Oh definitely, cant thank you enough. Will update you soon.
  8. Thanks guys. Writing the letter now. yourbank, it's not just two charges, they've charged me a total of £152 according to my statement.
  9. Yes, I check my statements online. It is my fault. I tried to pay for two items off ebay via Paypal and I must not have had enough, but to charge me way over £100 and put me overdraft is absolutely rediclous. I also thought that if I didn't have enough, my bank would just reject it. How wrong was I.
  10. Hi guys, Natwest sent me an item saying they've charged me an unpaid item fee for two payments. They charged me £38 for each one. I then looked at my statement, and they took a further £76 out, landing me over £100 overdraft. I've only just finished paying this back, but I find this a complete disgrace. I'm only 17 with a Natwest adapt account so I don't have money to chuck away. Where do I stand on this? Can I claim at least some of the money back? If so, where do I start? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for that. I'll get it sent out tonight. Only problem is, what if I receive a letter tomorrow asking me go to court? What happens if I refuse to go?
  12. Hi everyone, OK, a few weeks ago I received a letter from a company called iqor recovery services. The letter says I owe £51.45 to PayPal. Now Paypal have been trying to get hold of me (I just assumed that was because I went overdraft with my bank and my Paypal account was closed until the matter was resolved). Surely you can't get in debt with Paypal? If you had no money in your paypal account then they cannot lend you the money without you asking, can they? So, it would be an overdraft with my bank and not Paypal. Anyhow, this letter clearly states: Do not contact them (paypal)
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