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  1. Thank you ericbrother. I have checked a week ago and there is no trafic order covering this road. Also there are no signage at the edge of the street, start and end. That is exactly what I ma trying to find out. Whether I have breeched or not. And so far I do n't believe I have.
  2. Thank you Bazooka. It was actually the council who told me I can park in this area. My mistake it seems to have thought that the double yellow line rule does not extend to the pavement. Though I still do not htink it should. parking on hte pavement is got its own contravention code 62 I beleive.
  3. Thank you BB for sarcasim. Actually the pavement is quite wide and there are much space for pedestrains and all cars in this area are parked on the pavement as the rd is too narrow. Please do not post if you cann ot be helpfull.
  4. Thanks HB. The street is " Limpsfield Ave, SW19". Now they are telling me my message is tooshort! are all these rules necessary CAG? Just to lenghten my message Lol
  5. Sorry hungrydoug, cant send private message either. The name of the rd I parked is Limpsfield Ave SW19. Thank you Unfortunately I got another ticket in an area that i was told by hte council that it is free to park and all other cars are parked on pavement and I did the same but I got a ticket . I have now noticed the day after area I parked has double yellow lines on the street. can this ticket challenged as I was parked on the pavement much away from the curb. The contravention code is 1. Thanks
  6. Thank you Hungrydoug. I replied yesterday with a link to the location but I don't know why it has been taken out. I just noticed I should have had 10 posts before I could send a link. I send it to you in a private message. By the way apart from the normal "permit holders" signage on the lampost, there are no other signs at the start or end of the road. Thank you
  7. I saw the the plates on poles of "Residents Permit Holders only". My question is are these signs legal on itself without any road markings for the bay? It seem like there are plates on pole but nothing indicates where I can or I cannot park as there are no markings on the street. Also if there have an order for the 2 weeks period of Wimbledon to allow them to implement "Permit holders only" in this area without road marking, Shouldn't be some kind of indication of the order on the plates? Thank you Sorry tried but still cannot open the picture. Thank you
  8. What are the correct marking for residents street parking bays(Residents permit)? I received a ticket in Wimbledon area for parking in areas allocated for permit holders only, however there are no rd marking at all but there are signage to indicate permit holders Is this legal?
  9. Thanks for quick reply. Doesn't parking on yellow line means a parking attendant should ask the driver to move? That is what i read on related information about diferrent penalty codes? Also what if the line itself where it is connecting to double yellow line is not acuratlly drawn. the line across is papped the line. Cheers
  10. Hi I got a ticket operated by strert camera waiting on a single yellow line (no kurb line). I was in the car and the duration of my waiting is 3 minutes and 5 second. 1- Wasn't i allowed waiting time of 3 minutes? normally with parking attendant they must come and tell you to move. Apart from this the written data on the PCN indicates the time osf parking at 14.13.00 but the time on the picture indicates 14.11.16. 2- Due to this doesn't this make the ticket technically wrong therefore should be cancelled by the westminster council? 3- There was no sign on the street to
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