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  1. Thanks Citizen. Thanks Cymru. Mrs Bab spoke with court today.They seem to accept we do indeed have some rogue password and they cant fix BUT they said we can fax and /or e-mail tomorrow [22nd]. Mrs Bab has name and number of person she spoke to and she will phone again to make sure. She has left some time to even drive there if really necessary [we are not a million miles away] No Citizen, i did not keep the envelope that the DN arrived in. Damn it. Lesson learned though. Need to get typing. My first defence. Gulp... I assume court serve copy of our defence on claimant once
  2. Dear team Please see my thread BAB v Nationwide [cca] in legal issues. My defence is due 23rd Jan[!] and i am desparate for some advice. I have been helped enormously by Citizen B. I tried to pm her but for some reason my browser keeps rejecting. Please accept my apologies for using the red triangle thingy if this is a misuse of it but again i am doing so out of desparation and hope you can forgive and understand. I have to leave for work now and will not be able to log on until this evening so please accept my apologies if anyone is kind enough to respond and i do not respond immedi
  3. Hi Citizen/anyone else reading Sorry for delay...overwhelming personal issues Just spoke with court.They have my AOS [in time] and Defence IS due on 23rd Jan. Can you help me with next step. Rather embarrassingly i have no idea what an embarrassed defence is let alone draft one. As you anticipated, i have had no response from NATWIDE sols to my CPR 31.14 request [sent 7th Jan]. Should i ask them for more time to lodge defence or even apply to strike out/stay as i threatened? Annoyingly, i seem to have a dodgy password so cant e-m the court. Locked out again this morning.
  4. Hi Citizen Have typed out the letter but not mentioned the termination notice...will now insert,print and trek to the PO...will send Special... Have got another claim from M&S...wheres best place to start thread,post up stuff etc? BAB:oops:
  5. Sorry Citizen! I saw your post of 20.23 AFTER i wrote my last! Love the letter.Will send tomorrow [think i might use a pony to the Post Office next time!] Does anything in my last post alter your draft letter? BAB
  6. Hi Citizen [and any other of you wonderful caggers who may be reading] 1 Ack of Service posted rec del [1st class] and kept receipt 2 Citizen. Have checked all their correspondence but have seen nothing that is either headed 'termination' nor any letter that contains anything that expressly states 'termination' in it. BUT The DN was accompanied by a letter. Cant scan at the mo so have to type it verbatim Dear Ms BAB AC 123456789 CR LIM .... OUTSTANDING BAL ... YOUR AC IS UNDERPAID BY .... Your account is currently underpaid. This is
  7. Thanks Citizen I managed to lock myself out of court website [!] so im gonna walk to Post Office and send Ack of Service by recorded [and keep receipt].Will re read your e-ms and post up anything else when i get back from Post Office...as Capt Oates said...'i may be some time....' [there a blizzard outside!] BAB
  8. HERE IS THE D.N. They have now issued proceedings. Have til 9th Jan to file Ack of service and until 23rd to file defence ANY/ALL advice gratefully received. BAB
  9. citizen...fraid i couldnt scan last night....will be sorted this weekend...
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