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  1. This is the guy, who drives around Brighton with a huge truck.pollouts the planet and has killed people on the moterway. Batters humans in a boxing ring. Then ponces about on tv.
  2. They probably been sold to a collection agency. wescott or similar. Tax credits are a minefield. Get help from CAB on that one.
  3. Hi once your BR thats it, do not enter into any agreements to pay of debt. Your legally free of debt. AIB will send out letters to inform the companys, council etc that debt is written of. Companys like wescott and scott and co may still try to contact you. Simply refer them to AIB or point them to Edinburgh Gazette. Ignore thier request to send proof. Info is public domain. There problem not yours. As posted elsewhere send a letter denying a door step collector. All correspondence by post only if they enclose a SAE. On personal exp I can say BR saved me a lot of aggro and is painless, nothing
  4. Hi all I was 4p short in me co-op bank account to pay vanquis. Direct debit was returned as unpaid. Bank charged me £19.50 as overdrawn. Then another £19.50 as I had insufficent funds to pay for there charges. Vanquis then charged me £39.50 as no funds to pay them. Then as I was over credit limit another charge of £39.50 plus £10 for the letter they are sending out. Grrr. Is this legal ?
  5. It used to be free here. (Scotland) if you were on benefits. Then they introduced the LILA route and charge you £100. CAB are brilliant at helping you fill in the form. Enclose as much info as possible with your application. Debt letters and stuff. Photocopy everything as you will get a telephone interview and your answers need to match up with whats on your form. Your bankruptcy only lasts a year. Everything including council tax is written off. Finally get a co-op basic bank account. They are one of the few banks which won't cancel your account when your made bankrupt.
  6. Hi there. Calm down Bankruptcy in your case seems to be the only option..You have all the requirments to do this. It will stop people from arresting your wages and stuff. Whole process takes about 4 weeks, then all the hassle stops. Costs £100 though. Got to be much better than living under your stress. All debt written off an it only lasts a year. As usual take CAB advice BR seems best route for you tho
  7. Hiya I agree with the above. However I am concerned that you can lose your job over this. Sounds totally illegal. Long as you do your job to the companys standards. There is no way they can fire you. Could you please supply more details of your contract.
  8. I agree with Ida. Debt is in your name only. So don't worry and have a great wedding
  9. Ah thanks Ida take it he defaulted on that agreement. I was getting confused lol.
  10. Hi Bushlurker, I have had dealings with debt collectors who would be willing to accept £1.00 a month for next 300 years ! They are hoping your circumstances will change eventually. On a side note are you claiming all the benefits you are entitled to ?. As your disabled you should be getting Incapacity benefit and a component of Disability living allowance plus carers allowance for someone who looks after you. If you get any of these benefits apex can't touch you. Only council tax debt can be deducted from your benefit and that's about £3.50 a week max. I would write to them and explain only
  11. Seems like a standard credit agreement. If you signed it you agree to it's terms and conditions. Can you explain enforceable lol are they insisting you take their money
  12. Hiya, you were caught. If you had hands free why was mobile in your hand ?. Why were you driving ? just pull into side of road and park up.Is a dam call that important?. Sorry no sympathy with you what so ever. You knowingly broke the law, then have the cheek to come on here and try to get us to solve it.
  13. Done me first week with the 0.5mg tabs, now on 2nd week with the 1 mg tabs. Side effects are flu symptoms and extreme tiredness. Apart from that is working great, went from 30 a day to about 5.Decision day coming up but i feel 2 weeks is to soon, going for the champix course part2 . Know i should have stopped but if I can get down to one a day, will work for me. One other good thing is am of me anti depressants, champix effects that area of the brain that means am more with it.
  14. Heh upfront fees says it all. 95% success rate!. Hoho pay them and your guaranteed to be one of the 5% failures. Very nice [problem]. Seriously if this was legal it would be advertised on tv. Emails are not valid contracts, I could send you one then edit your reply. Save your money and bin this company
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