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  1. Thanks. I only says that i may be entitled to make representations. If i do "neither of these things" (ie pay the ticket or appeal) the charge may increase to £180. And "at this stage it would be too late to make any representations. I agree that it should make it clear whether appealing resets the 14 day clock
  2. If i appeal against an unfair ticket, does that mean i have to pay the full £120 charge, or does it reset the clock (14 days) within which i can pay the reduced £60 charge?
  3. I was driving north on wood lane in Hammersmith between a40 and Ducane Rd. Since i was going in the wrong direction i turned right into the entrance to a very large building and then came back onto the road to go south. I got a ticket via a camera for an illegal u-turn. I though a u- turn ws turning in the carriageway. I can't find a sensible legal definition of a u-turn. Can anyone help?
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