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  1. Ok I have some more info from my Girlfriend: As I see it, she signed up to do a driving instructor course with the Instructor College who had the money from the course paid by Barclay's correct although initially the instructor college told me to approach Clydesdale bank regarding refunds( I believe a part of Barclays) which I did but they refused to speak to me because although the account was in my name the money went to the college so there for they wouldn’t discuss anything to do with money with me! A vicious circle!! This the
  2. Sorry to sound slow but what would happen if i do that? Would it just lay out what she has signed? As for the earlier post she signed up for the instructor college and if you cant afford to pay for the course up front you pay through barclays which is held off for the first year in which time you may complete the course and pay it back. As she got pregnant and tried on several occations to contact them (when they would never return her calls)and from there it was just letters and phone calls demanding the money.
  3. Hi And thanks for the welcome,she signed for the Instructor College and the loan was arranged from them through Barclays I believe.
  4. Hi Guys can anyone help with the following: My ex misses was going to do a driving instructor course and she became pregnant,she had signed up for the course but then contacted them and told them she cant do it,they told her she would still have to pay. To cut a long story short she didnt pay it because she couldnt afford to and now they have a debt recovery firm calling telling her that she has to pay £5k + in the next 7 days otherwise they will go for her assets car and or house. We have transfered the owner of the car to me but she is worried they will take her house. Ok
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