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  1. Appreciate all advice and comment to date - thanks for the help. Now have an update and could do with a bit of input if at all possible?.. The claimant offered extension for the submission of a defence of 14 days, which took the deadline to the 21st of December 2013. I informed the court of this. On 27th December 2013 I received notification that judgement had been entered against me on the 18th December - 3 days before the end of the extended period. I was of a mind to make application to get the matter 'set aside' ( was not sure what else I could do at this point) but have now
  2. Would appear that they are now on the 'back foot'....Received on Saturday - letter 1 from claimants solicitors extending my defence deadline for 2 weeks. Sent copies to the court via Special Delivery. Same day received letter 2 from Aktiv saying that they were trying to get the documentation and would have to go back to another business ( assuming who they bought this from) for the information, and that 'the collection process is now on hold'... Received letter 3 this morning from Aktiv saying that they 'would try to get the documentation to me as quickly as possible and apologise f
  3. got the date wrong, need to do this tomorrow 7th December. Sorry for the misinformation / bad maths
  4. Okay, here goes. Need to submit this Monday please let me know if it is okay - been away for two days with work and need to get my finger out. Thanks again for the advice/help. Have taken this from another posting and adapted it - Am assuming that this is along the correct track..? 1. I, xxx, of xxxx make this statement as my defence to the claim brought by Aktiv Kapital. 2. The claimant’s particulars of claim are vague and fail to disclose any cause of action; they appear to be an abuse of the process in that they fail to deal with the basic rules of pleading in accordance with t
  5. I am looking at this from the perspective of not having had any previous contact with Aktiv - simply put there has been no notification/contact from them prior to the proceedings. It is something of an awkward position for me as they have failed to respond to my requests for information - these would have offered more detail enabling me to make an informed decision and surely there is an obligation placed upon them to disclose these details? Requests were sent to Acktiv and their solicitors - no response from either. In the absence of any information and response/co-operation I can on
  6. Sorry about this. I am going to need some help preparing a defence. I have not received any response to the CCA and CPR requests that I sent and am actually struggling to find a starting point for a defence for this. Is anyone able to help at all? I have until next Monday to get the defence to court. Thanks in anticipation...
  7. Okay. Thanks Andy. I had no response at all to the CCA or CPR requests that I sent via recorded delivery. I am not too bothered that they haven't replied, my only concern at the moment, however, is the deadline for the submission of a defence with the court.
  8. Received from AKtiv a notice of Sums in Arrears which simply shows an amount outstanding. Have not received any of the other details that were requested. Should I begin to prepare a defence as I am conscious that this will need to be submitted very soon? S
  9. Sent the acknowledgement of service back to the court indicating that I intend to deny the allegations. Have not yet had a response to the two letters sent via recorded delivery to the claimant.
  10. OK Andy. I have prepared the letters and am ready to send.
  11. Thanks. Will get the letters, in the meantime: The Claimant is the Assignee of a debt(s) due in relation to a/various Credit Agreement(s) regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 entered into between xxxxxxxxx Bank Ltd and the Defendant. Notice of Assignment was provided to the Defendant by the Claimant in writing. The agreement(s) was/were terminated upon the Defendant failure to comply with the terms of the Agreement(s) and or the statutory Notice of Default served by xxxxxxxx Bank Ltd. The Claimant complied with Section III and IV and Annex B of the PD Pre-Action Conduct. And the C
  12. The matter refers to an old MBNA card that I had. I was making regular payments until 2010 when I defaulted. It seems that at some point the 'debt' has been sold to Aktiv but there is no indication as to when this was. I have had no contact from either MBNA or Aktiv about this. They are also trying to claim interest on the amount from 2010 plus a daily rate. Any advice as to the best way to handle this would be welcomed. Thanks
  13. Hoping someone can help me...today received papers from Northampton Bulk Centre issued by Activ Kapital for an alleged debt with MBNA. I have had no prior contact with AK and need some help to know where to start with this. Have gone through various posts on the forum and realise that a little knowledge could get me into trouble which is why I am asking from the outset. Hoping that you can offer some help..?
  14. I wonder if anyone can help. I am in disagreement with Bank of Scotland over a loan that was sold to me by a garage for car purchase in March 2007. Negotiations with the garage were in respect of a HP deal and I have a letter from the garage that confirms this and that finance proposals were submitted, by the garage to Bank of Scotland (trading as Capital Bank) for HP. The garage took my part ex off me immediately 'to secure the deal' and then declared that the new vehicle could not be released due to 'registration issues'. It took a week and a vast amount of phone calls from me to arr
  15. Hi, I have had exactly the same from Citicards..what is the best way to proceed? I will complain to OFT and re-contact Citi to request the correct document..anything else I should be doing at all?
  16. Capital One - Sent letter recorded delivery and still calling, even though they replied to my recorded delivery letter..they stated they had a right to call to help their customers. Interestingly I have issued proceedings for non enforceability recently...
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