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  1. Hi, there are step-by step instructions and FAQs in the bank library sections which should help. You can also do a search on any issues, you will find most questions have been asked before and so you should find the answer. I think what seems to be happening is that the charges are refunded to the account and then you are sent a letter saying the account will be closed in 30 days and the overdraft is to be repaid in that time. However, having said that, not everybody is having their account closed.
  2. I would not telephone them at all, unless you can record the call. If you have had a negative response to your LBA, you now need to file a claim, either on www.moneyclaim.gov.uk or at your local court using an N1. Use one of the spread sheets available in the library, this will enable you to add the 8% interest at this stage. Have a good look at the templates and the FAQs. All the guidance as to how to submit a claim and to fill out the spreadsheets are there. If you have any questions, somebody will try and help. Well done - you're on the home stretch now!!
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum. It sound as if you have done the groundwork and read around, this really is the best approach. Keep us updated on your claim!
  4. I have worked the problem out!! I originally entered the dates on the spreadsheet as e.g. 12.04.2001, BUT the formula doesn't recognise this. It needs to be in 12/04/2001 format. I hope this helps anybody else having a similar problem. Bis thanks also to "dolly" who has also tried very hard to help me out. Moneyclaim will be submitted today!!
  5. I've worked out what the problem is!!! When I originally entered my data on the spreadsheet I entered the date as e.g.12.04.2001 BUT the formula doesn't recognise this. It needs to be in 12/04/2001 format. It now works!!!! (It's only taken 2 days to work this out!!!!)
  6. Hi sugar-walsh Please can you let me know if you can sort this out, because i am getting exactly the same message in the 8% column (#VALUE!) and I've spent at least 8 hours today trying to sort it out. Thanks
  7. Hi (yes it is Mandy!) The spreadsheet worked out fine when I was entering all my charges, and adding the interest on the overdrawn balance was fine. My problem is now that I am at the Moneyclaim stage, I need to add on the 8% interest. All it is showing on the 8% interest column is #value! I'm not sure what is wrong. I assumed the spreadsheet worked out the 8% automatically. 17.02.2000cheque card misuse fee17.50#VALUE! 18.02.2000unpaid direct debit fee25.00#VALUE! 29.02.2000unauthorised o/d fee 10.00#VALUE! 31.3.2000unauthorised o/d fee 10.00#VALUE! 31.3.20000.00#VALUE! 5.6.2000unpaid cheque fee25.00#VALUE!00/01/19000. cheque fee25.00#VALUE!31.5.20000.00#VALUE! I hope this explains what the problem is!! Thank you for your help! oops - it hasn't copied and pasted properly, but hope you can perhaps see what I'm getting at! Mandy
  8. Hi I also need some help with the spreadsheet. I am filing my moneyclaim today and am having trouble with the 8% interest page as shown here: 00/01/190000/01/19000.000.0000/01/19000.000.0017.02.2000cheque card misuse fee17.50#VALUE!00/01/19000.000.0017.02.2000unpaid direct debit fee25.00#VALUE!00/01/19000.000.0018.02.2000unpaid direct debit fee25.00#VALUE!00/01/19000.000.0029.02.2000unauthorised o/d fee 10.00#VALUE!29.2.20000.00#VALUE!31.3.2000unauthorised o/d fee 10.00#VALUE!31.3.20000.00#VALUE! Please can you tell me what I am doing wtong. Thank You.
  9. I need to submit my claim today via moneyclaim, but am having problems with the spreadshet to work out the 8% interest as described above. I really would appreciate some help here with the queries I have mentioned. Thanks.
  10. Hi. The 14 days since my LBA are up tomorrow, so I will be filing my claim via moneyclaim. However, I'm having a problem with the excell spreadsheet to add the 8% interest. It worked fine to enter on all my charges, but on the 3rd page, the 8% column is just showing #value! Has anybody else had this problem? Is it 8% on each and every charge, or can I just work out 8% of the total? I have decided to sever my claim as it is around £7000, so does the £5000 include the 8% interest, or can I take the claim up to £5000 and then add 8% ( which will then take it over £5000). I hope this all makes sense, and that somebody can assist.
  11. Hi, hope all goes well - let us know. It's good to know there are so many of us doing exactly the same thing. It's great encouragement for one another. If I don't get a positive result from my LBA, I will be filing a claim next Tues. Mandy.
  12. Hi, I've had exactly the same letter as you and will be filing via moneyclaim next Tues, not waiting for their eight weeks to be up. As I've read a few times now, the advice seems to be "It's our claim, our timetable". Hope all goes well for you!
  13. I would be very very grateful if somebody would give me their thoughts on whether I should go for the whole hog when I file my moneyclaim on next Tues in the hope they pay up before it gets to court. Or should I Just go for £5000 in case it does go all the way? Thanks.
  14. My LBA was sent on 12.6.06. I have had the standard letter from the Member Relations Manager stating my "complaint" is being reviewed and that they have 8 weeks before I can involve the Financial ombudsman. Do I respond to this and confirm a claim will be filed on on the 27.6.06 as per my LBA. Or do I just ignore it and file anyway on 27th? Another question I have is regarding "severing" my claim, which is just under £7000. From what I can gather, most of these institutions seem to be allowing the claim to be filed, stating they intend to defend, then paying up. What I need to know is: If I file a claim of £7000 with moneyclaim online and they do defend and proceed to court, I am over the £5000 limit. However, if I only claim for £5000 and they pay up before it reaches court, do I then just have to ask them for the balance or go through the whole procedure again for the balance. They obviously know the claim is for just under £7000, as this is the amount in my prelim letter and my LBA. Hope this all makes sense, I would appreciate any advice! Mandy
  15. Just to update: I've had the standard response to my preliminary letter, in which they "hope this has helped to clarify our postion and you will appreciate why I am unable to refund any charges on your account". I don't think so!! I am posting my LBA as per the BAG template on Monday. Just one question - My claim is for almost £7000, but should I only claim £5000 to keep it in the small claims, if it goes to court? I don't fancy paying all costs if it goes to court! Mandy
  16. Thanks for the advice. I have spent days reading all the posts and FAQ's. I have sent off my preliminary letter today asking for the return of charges totalling £6931.67 and will keep the forum updated. I just want to say thanks again to all who spend time helping people like myself. Mandy
  17. Can I ask for "unauthorised overdraft" fees to be returned? I am starting a claim for return of fees for bounced cheques, DDs etc, but am not sure about unauthorised o/d fees. Thanks in advance for any help. mandy
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