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  1. Hi, I had a bank account with Barclays bank in the 1990's, and had 2 loans with them during this time. I paid PPI on the loans, my husband had pre-existing medical condition (Type 1 diabetes) and it was indicated on the phone I would have more chance of being accepted if I took PPI.


    I do not have any documentation at all regarding the current account/loans.


    I sent the template SAR request letter from the CAG library here , including all 3 addresses I have lived at, and not limted to the last 6 years.


    Their reply states

    " I regret we are unable to locate any records in your name. Could you please therefore supply any further details you have about the account - such as the branch sorting code and account number, when it was opened and closed and any documentary evidence supporting existence of the facility within our records - for example, an old statement or letter.It would also be useful to know any previous addresses you may have used"


    I supplied all addresses, I do not have any account documentation. Is there anything else I can do?


    many thanks

  2. I am trying to help my sister.

    I will cut a very long story short and try and outline the problem.

    She decided to change from BT to Talk Talk home phone and broadband in June 2008.

    The phone line went over to TT on 17th of June, but was told there was issues with broadband, which would be resolved asap.

    Letter in July - still problem setting up broadband.

    16th July was on phone when line went dead. Used mobile to phone BT who say TT had cut the line. TT deny this.

    Broadband still not supplied.

    Sister contacted BT and asked to rejoin them for home phone and broadband.

    Received TT bill for June/July and paid it.

    3rd Aug - another bill from TT, thought account had been closed, tried to close it again - told she couldn't as told system not recognising closure.

    Phoned 6 times to close account - not successful.

    3rd Sept- another TT bill. She phoned and was told account now closed.

    14th Oct another TT bill and letter from Credit solutions Ltd demanding £86.76.


    Now each time she speaks to TT she is told system cannot close account.


    Bill now £196 and being chased by Credit Solutions.


    So in summary - she received TT home phone for a few weeks in June/July. Paid bill for this.

    Never any Broadband. When it became clear they would never provide BB, she changed back to BT as TT never delivered the service she had ordered.

    TT say account can't be closed and she is getting monthly bills.

    Account referred to credit agency and escalating.


    I would be very grateful for any advice. She has written numerous letters and made numerous calls to Talk Talk, with no success and is now v. distressed about the whole situation.

  3. Marvellous news!!

    I have had a letter from E&L.


    "I am sorry to hear you have been dissatisfied..............."

    "As our position has been prejudiced by the non disclosure of a material fact at policy renewal, strictly speaking this entitles us to repudiate your claim in its entirity, however, we have no reason to believe that the breach of your policy was with malice or ill intent and therefore the decision was made to settle your claim on an ex-gratia basis for fees to date incurred as a gesture of goodwill"




    Thanks for everybody's help and support - I am very grateful.

  4. Thank you Hightail, for your advice.

    That is a very valid point and one that I am asking my vet to highlight in his letter. As you say, once she had been treated, and the blood test had been done, I thought that was the time to claim.

    I also wonder if the fact that the blood test did not actually identify any allergies will make any difference.

    I have written to them pointing out my dog had episodes of chewing her paws and one episode of irritation to her eyes, that the vet thought MAY be an allergy. As we had insurance to cover the cost, he suggested the blood test be done to see if a definate allergy could be identified. The blood test was negative for any allergens, so in fact, she has no CONFIRMED allergies. I just wonder if "any related conditions" might be their get out.


    Also, I realise you cannot recommend any particular company, but would you mind letting me know of a few insurers you would recommend, for when I come to renew again? Thank you.

  5. Hi Lex

    Thanks for your speedy advice.


    Unfortunately, we paid the vet at the time, then submitted the claim. However, we have been with this vet for many years, so I'm hoping they may support us with a letter.


    From what I can gather, E&L state the animal must be "in perfect health" prior to the start, or renewal, of the policy. Any "pre-existing" conditions are automatically excluded at renewal.

    So what they are saying is that Daisy had a pre-existing condition when I renewed, which is therfore excluded. Their policy states in small print "This insurance is intended to provide insurance against unexpected rather than inevitable events"

    I wanted reassurance that I could afford any vets bills should she become ill! What animal is going to stay "in perfect health"?


    What is more infuriating is that the blood test was negative and they could not identify any allergen. So she goes red and blotchy and chews her paws incessently all summer, without any obvious cause!!!


    Anyway, I shall continue to pursue this and will let you know how we get on.

    I'm glad you managed to get at least some of your money back.



  6. Hi

    I am in my second year of my policy with E&L insurance.

    My dog has developed am allergy whi involved 4 courses of antihistime since about July 2008. None of the bills exceeded the excess of £65, so I didn't claim. As we were insured (!) the vet offered to do a blood test to try and pinpoint the exact allergy. It cost £238.

    I claimed for the amount and also included the receipts for the previous consultations.

    I have now been told -


    "Re: Exclusion notice

    Further to a review of the risk presented on this policy, with effect from 12.09.08, we feel the need to place the following exclusion: cover for allergies of any cause and all related conditions."


    This date obviously preceeds the date of her very expensive blood test.


    I fail to see how an insurance company, having received a claim for a condition can say " actually we placed an exclusion on this condion 3 months ago but did not tell you"


    The whole point of insurance is to have the reassurance you can pay for any vets bills if your animal becomes ill.


    If she got cancer - would they say " we stopped covering your pet for cancer last year - but did not tell you"


    I have never claimed on this policy before, so obviously do not abuse my insurance.


    I empathise with your experience, Mr Lex, and wonder if anybody can advise how I should word a challenge regarding the application of an exclusion several months ago and of which we were not informed?


    Many thanks

  7. I have a thread in the First Direct forum, but have a query about the allocation questionnaire.




    Do I need to add in the Draft Directions in the "other information" as shown in the template?

    This may be an obvious question, but why am I stating I will send schedules of charges and staements etc to the court and defendent within 14 days, when I have already done this with my N1?


    What it slow down the process if I don't write in the draft directions?

    I'd be grateful for any advice.

  8. I have received a letter from DG Solicitors, acting on behalf of First Direct.

    As already mentioned, I have been sent an allocation questionaire from the court.

    This letter says "In order that we may investigate your claim with our client, we shall be pleased if you will provide us with the relevant account details and a fully itemised breakdown of the amount claimed within your claim form. in this respect, and by way of example of the information we are seeking, we requuire an itenised schedule of the date, description and value of each individual charge applied to your account together with deatils of the interest, if any, that you have claimed...............The Court will also require a copy of the itemised schedule and we invite you to send a copy to the Court for the claim file.".


    I sent three copies of the schedule of charges with my original N1 to the court.


    Do I send them what they are asking for, or respectfully point out that this information is already in their possession as part of my original claim?


    DO I enter into correspondence with them, now that my claim has been filed?


    I'd be grateful for any advice.

  9. I filed my claim against FD at court. They have said they will defend all of the claim and I have now received an allocation questionaire to fill in.

    They originally told me in reply to my LBA that they would request a stay. Does the allocation questionaire indicate that they are not doing this and that I might actually end up in court?


    Has anybody had their charges refunded recently from FD?


    Would appreciate some reassurance!

  10. A friend of mine has just been told she has to repay £200 of overpaid child tax credit from 2 years ago. She has been told she was overpaid because she did not tell them for 5 months that her partner had left her. She is adamant that she telephoned them after he left. I am aware that calls are recorded, but she was told there was no record of this call and virtually called her a liar.

    What would you suggest her next step should be?

  11. I have sent my prelim letter to FD. They have replied saying they will take no action until test case judgement has been announced. Do I just go ahead with the LBA?

    They state they will request a stay if I start court action. Do I just go through the motions, have the case stayed and wait in the system?


    Any advice appreciated.

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  12. Hi All.....


    i'm in the middle of my first claim agianst Nationwide. 6 years £1990.... i have just got the statements and still in the prosses of trying to make sence of the intrest bit?...


    i was thinking about claiming further back than the six years but leaving it till my current claim is compleated....... can i do this or should i ask for more statements?..... if i do i think from reading this tread i will need to wait a little time before asking again?


    PS any tips on working out overdraft intrest welcomed......!!




    I would claim the whole lot in one go. I split my claims against N'wide and my final claim consisted of purely pre 2000 charges. I ended up in court and my claim was dismissed. I felt I had a strong case against the Limitation Act, but the judge obviously didn't agree. If you keep your claim intact, you may have a better chance.

  13. Cheers - thanks for your help. I'll give it some thought over the weekend and work out what to do then!


    The whole contractual interest malarky seems to have got so complicated lately, and having had one failed court appearance, I don't really fancy another.

  14. Taylormandy, I agree with other posters that, as far I can tell, Abbey have never let it get to Court for a simple charges + 8% Statutory Interest claim. The steps yes, actually in front of Judge, no.


    However, I know you're concerned, so at the risk of being pedantic some people have had run-ins in a Court building with Abbey's legal representatives - but only in relation to "complicating" factors like charges>6yrs, defaulted accounts and contractual interest. GlennUK springs to mind as a recent example - if I remember rightly, they ambushed him into separating the charges element of his claim from the rest (which from memory included removing a default). In summary, if you want to play safe because of your previous experience, I'd suggest just going for charges+8%SI. Regards, Mad Nick


    Just saw this Mick - yes I'm aware of what happened to Glenn. That's what has got me worried!!


    How do you suggest I negotiate 8% SI at this late stage? I wasn't sure whether to lay low and see what happens, or be more pro-active and contact them. Do they tend to resist the contractual interest element? (I'd happily negotiate given my latest experiences!!)

  15. Unfortunately, the appeal process seems v. complicated and I would be liable for their costs. So unfortunately I don't think I can take my own case much further. I have already got the later charges off them, I was trying to get these early charges back . Thanks for your interest.



    I am just trying to sort my sister out now!

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