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  1. In hindsight it was for the best but they're definitely the worst of the lot.
  2. I agree, I failed a check for an apartment because they used CC to score me which came back with a load of nonsense. I only signed up with them to see what they were showing.
  3. Yeah I was thinking of checking the other CRA's but I've used Callcredit before and it was a nightmare to get out of.
  4. Definitely not, I can pull up my report from October with them on there.
  5. Hi guys, Just logged into creditexpert this morning to find that one default and two CCJ's have dropped off my report?! All of them are satisfied but not due to drop off till at least December onwards. What the devils going on? Anyone had this before? I wondered if there was a mistake of some kind so did the old log out and back in with no change and got a new score which specifically mentions, Whats the crack?
  6. True, I do quite fancy a claim out of them since I settled up another account today and got stung for an additional 300 odd quid that wasn't originally quoted. Not Lowells fault but they're all one and the same
  7. In fairness all this has been done over the phone. For all the horror stories Lowell have actually been ok with me other than this mess up. I did say that if it wasn't rectified within the next set of Experian changes I would begin legal actions as I roughly knew that you could claim for incorrect information being entered. They maintain though that they have no idea why it was changed and are always very apologetic and promise it'll be changed. Is there a chance that it's Experians mistake?
  8. As the title really, I settled a Netwest debt in March 2010 which they duly marked as satisfied on my credit accout. So far so good... I then noticed a few months back that they had changed the original default date of July 2005 to March 2010. This was changed in August 2010. I've spoke to them 3 or 4 times now asking them to change it back and they say they have requested Experian to do so but so far its still showing as March 2010. What's my next move?
  9. Any of the Monday morning people able to advise?
  10. Its from 2004 or 2005 and they got in touch in 2009 about it. They were CCA'd with the help of the fine people here and I've been paying £40 a month since the summer of 2009 as a result of the outcome of that. As I said at the current rate of payment it'll take another 11 and a half years to pay off so I'd rather it was settled and done with, its not secured on anything so they can't go for a charging order to get anymore out of me either.
  11. I wish mine was! Going by some of the horror stories of them on here though I've been lucky. I set up a payment plan and not heard from them since.
  12. It's somewhere between 5k and 6k and will take roughly 11.5 years to pay back, not secured on anything either. A family member has offered to pay it off but obviously at a reduced rate. When they first got in touch they offered a 50% discount to settle but I had no hope of doing that.
  13. Just a small bump if forum etiquette allows it.
  14. Thank you for the reply rebel but I'm really after people with experience of Link. I've read plenty on the principle of it all, I'd just like an idea of a ballpark figure that they'd go for.
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