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  1. Yes I'm not disputing my fault here ... but I understand penalty or administration charges over £12 are unlawful - so can they get around that by charging two lots of £10 ... on a monthly card that would amount to £20 ... then of course there is VAT and the charge made by the Debt Recovery agent ... so £19.74 turns into £50.30 less than one month after the due date. Well if it's legal so be it ... but it certainly isn't fair in my book.
  2. Hi Dragons Dennis ... Here is a copy and paste which I guess explains it ... although it doesn't make it clear how quickly they make these attempts to collect the payment ... they must have made all attempts within 4 weeks of the due date ... it just doesn't give a person much time to respond ... I realise I have a responsibility here but the fact is I have been dealing with a major crisis at home and this is just one of many things that got neglected. The fact that the original amount is less than £20 makes it so much harder to swallow. "What happens if I miss a payment? We understa
  3. Good day to you all ... I'd appreciate opinions/advice on who I should complain to - I bought an item from Ideal World on 4 instalments. First three went through ok but the final payment of £19.75 was rejected by my bank on 18 March. I had letter saying they would represent and I took no action because there was no reason I was aware of that payment wouldn't go through. However, the payment was rejected again (I think because card was expiring end of April and I'd started to use a new card) but my complaint is that the payment of 19.75 due 18 March had risen to over £50 by 16 April by wh
  4. Thank you for responding Buzby ... they didn't even despatch the notebook and dongle which is what I paid for (the notebook was shown on their website as a free gift to be delivered with the phone, the 13.99 upgraded it to include the dongle) ... they did send the phone which is what the t-mobile contract is for ... their email of 23/12 says they have instructed a courier to collect it but no one has turned up yet. Can I be held to a contract I cancelled on the day I received the phone, which is still unopened? I actually ordered this on 15th Dec (not 18th as I said previously) for next
  5. On 18 December with Beepy Mobiles I ordered a T-Mobile contract phone with free gift bundle (samsung netbook) and paid £13.99 for a dongle. When nothing arrived next day I called and was told their system wasn't showing an order. Several calls over the next few days eventually resulted in delivery of phone on 23/12, but no netbook and dongle. The 13.99 was showing on the receipt as a payment against the phone. I called and was told they had no record of the netbook being ordered. I cancelled immediately and confirmed by email asking them to collect the phone. They told me to return it by Speci
  6. Hi Steve, I wrote a month ago to advise my partner would no longer be guarantor and I also spoke to them to advise that my daughter wouldn't be able to find anyone else. When my daughter spoke to the agent again the other day they asked her to put a months notice in writing which she did, along with the explanation that this was necessary because they are not willing to renew the tenancy without a guarantor. Lula, yes it seems she is caught between a rock and hard place - it looks as though she will have to stay put until they evict her. It's a shame because being new to the world of tenancy
  7. Hi - my daughter rented a studio flat for herself and baby son a year ago through a letting agent with my partner acting as guarantor (he signed up for one year only). The tenancy is due for renewal on 01 June but in early April my daughter advised the agent that my partner is no longer able to act as guarantor and she can't find anyone else. They recently asked her to put this in writing giving a month's notice which she did and they replied with a letter confirming the date she needs to vacate. When she went to Housing Dept today, with copies of this correspondence, they said she must get
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