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  1. Spunkymonkey - thanks I will try and look for that acknowledgement letter and double check with my son on the dates and if it was sent. Do the DVLA have an e-mail address? or is it post only? and do you know which department to send it to? by the way hows your case going?
  2. Spunkymonky - thanks for the reply, So far the only contact with the DVLA has been a phone call and them giving me no information but to contact the debt-company. Inter-credit has sent me 3 letters so far the last one saying i have 72 hours to pay or legal proceedings will be instituted to recover full amount and legal costs. Again only a phone call to inter-credit , the only information they had was when the fine was issued. What will happen if i just ignore them? because they are sending the letters to an address where the car was never registered at.
  3. 2004/5 thats a while back! Have they tried to contact you during that time? why are they DVLA bringing it up now?
  4. I thought so, do you think i have no other options other than pay the fine? and do you think as it was my first time the DVLA would consider it and drop the fine or maybe at least reduce it?
  5. Not sure if i make a good challenge but what happened was I did not receive the SORN reminder (V5), i thought i could not SORN without it. I did not know when it was due and eventually managed to do it online. Apparently i was a month late to SORN it. I'm not denying it was not SORN on time, but i feel this was an honest mistake that could have been avoided if the DVLA would of sent me the reminder.
  6. As far as I'm aware the legal system is the same regardless of where you are in the U.K I got the same Late License Penalty as everyone else here, i just don't know whether it is worth trying to fight my case or to pay the £80 fine and get it out of the way. Can anyone help?
  7. Good on you Spunky, any news yet from DVLA? I'm in the same situation early stages though, have no idea what to do? Inter-Credit have sent 2 letters so far, I've had nothing from the DVLA and they will not give any information regarding the fine, they said i need to contact Inter-Credit. Can anyone tell me which is the best way to go? Pay the £80 fine and get it out of the way or try and fight my case (if i have a case against them?)
  8. It looks like it was re-sorn in June 08 when it was due in May 08. What options am i left with? Is there any point writing to them? bear in mind the date of re-sorn was over a year ago the DVLA did not notify me of this no previous notices was sent and they send it to the wrong address.
  9. Thats what i was thinking, maybe they delete the information when its been sent out after a certain time? I'll try them again tomorrow. How long do they give you to re-SORN after the last date? I know now they give you 14 days to re-TAX but was it the same for SORN last year ago?
  10. "If your son was the main driver, this is called fronting and the Insurance Co. would take a dim view, to the point of voiding the insurance in the event of a claim while he was driving." My mistake, I was insured as second driver. "On change of registration, you usually need to re-SORN. I am not sure if this si the case for a simple change of address." It was a change of address "Registered for SORN I presume. Is there a gap between this online SORN registration and the expiry of the previous one?" Thats where I'm not 100% sure on, I asked the DVLA if they could p
  11. Hi, I received a debt recovery notice from Inter-Credit International Ltd. it states; As you have ignored all previous letters (no previous letters was sent) the DVLA is currently preparing a claim against you as the registered keeper of an unlicensed vehicle (i sold the vehicle almost a year ago) Should you wish to avoid this action, you must pay an out of court settlement of £80 immediately, otherwise legal action through the Courts may commence and your vehicle (which i no longer own) may be clamped and impounded. I phoned the DVLA to ask what this was for but they said they cou
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