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  1. I signed in my own name. I phoned them the day after (2nd July) to talk to them as human being to human being and ask if I could cancel as I could not afford it and it was not a risk I could afford to take. They spoke to their agent who agreed to cancel the paperwork and everything would be cancelled. In the meantime I had contacted a couple of people including my local counsellor just to try and find out where I stood legally. The information I was given was 'by law a cooling off period is required and I was within my rights to cancel.' I wanted to leave it a few days to make sure the community network did cancel everything before I replied to this thread. Well, guess what went out of my bank this morning... Evidently the paperwork wasn't destroyed and made it to the office and had accidently been processed. Again I have been assured that it is in error and it will be refunded to me today by card payment. I will keep you posted.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply. It was £624 per year + £139 per year for Artwork So £1248 + £278 = £1526 + VAT of £305.20 = £1831.20. Maths is not my strong point by any stretch of the imagination though. I just feel so stupid. Rather than say No and that it's not really a viable option for my business I listened to his 'no brainer' and how it will generate work. I hate Salesmen. I don't know why I listened as for all he knows my Ad could run on the TV in the branch and not be seen by 1 person in 2 years.
  3. It's VAT and Design Costs +VAT. I should have read all the small print before signing up but I had a student waiting as the salesman got here late. I just feel I was pressured into buying this whole package and can't really afford it.
  4. I am a small business offering guitar lessons in a town with approximately 20,000 residents. I was approached by the local post office (later found out it was on behalf of) with a view to advertising on the TV within the branch. The Company Called 'The Community Network' arranged a visit and I was visited today by one of their salesmen. I'm now feeling completely duped as I have taken out a 24 month contract to display my advert of 30 seconds every 10 minutes within my local post office branch. What originally looked ok at £12 per week has escalated into £1831.20 over 2 years with a deposit (that I haven't yet paid but have given my details for) of £374.40. I originally thought this might be a good bit of advertising within the local community. Local people visiting the post office will hopefully see my advert for guitar tuition and I'll get a few calls. From what I have read both on this Forum and on others I may well have made a big mistake. Lot's of downtime, nobody looks at it e.t.c. My biggest worry is this "This agreement is a legally enforceable business to business contract and may not be cancelled or terminated except as provided by these terms and conditions." Looking at it I don't think there is any way out of the Agreement, but I'm really wanting to cancel as this is a big expense for my fledgling business. Do I have any right to cancel or should I have been more firm with the salesman and just said I can't sign up now?
  5. I've just had another thought, surrounding how they arrive at their compensation amount. As someone sated earlier they could take the stance that the game costs £50 and that 1000 people downloaded it from you, therefore £50,000. To be honest this does seem to be how they are working it out. The thing about this is that even if I'd downloaded the game, which I haven't, I'd most likely have downloaded it from someone els who recieved a letter. If this is the case then the amount of compensation they should be seeking would be the amount of letters sent out multiplied by the cost of the game plus additional costs for administration. Game retail price x Amount of letters + Administration = Compensation. Of course this, in my personal case would mean the administration costs were £615. The IP tracing software definately has flaws anyway because there is 100% no chance I downloaded the game or even had BitLord software on my computer. I'm a student member of BCS and as a programmer/web designer I'm not in the habit of stealing other peoples work.
  6. Please give your attention to the following. Heptonstalls Solicitors. Lawyers for you and your business across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire This is a firm in my local area. They actually do the same kind of work as ACS Law were previously known to carry out i.e Family Law, Medical Negligence e.t.c. 1. Look at their website quality. This represent a professional outfit. 2. The domain name www.heptonstalls.org.uk is available and I could register it this second and have website up and running in less than an hour. 3. The office based in Pontefract hs a telephone number with the same area code and only a few different digits to mine. I'll simply put my number on the website and say this is the one for specific "P2P piracy claims." 4. This is the bit I'm not sure about. How easy is it for me to set up a bank account in the name of Heptonstalls which will be used specifically for the purposes of recieveing payments from the P2P claims. Some forged documents or the like? I'm guessing not rocket science. 5. I'll produce some letters identical to ACS Law which I recived. I don't even need to change the address because all that will be sent there will be letters of denial. I'll let the real firm deal with those, while I sit back and collect a bit of money from people who pay up with no questions asked. 6. As stated before i'll used my phone number and also the new email address which is now P2Pclaims@heptonstalls.org.uk because the majority of people will either phone or email rather than get a pen and paper out. DISCLAIMER: Please note this is just and example of what I think is happening. Heptonstalls are a reputable company. This is only an example of what can be done. I would NOT even atempt this. The post is merely to make others aware.
  7. I still believe there to be something fishy about the whole situation. I read on Lawdit that someone (TorrentFreak) has been in contact with "ACS:Law" and indeed they are now working for Davenport Lyons anthey are handling all the P2P piracy cases. The person contacted at ACS:Law was simply named Lee. That makes it all official then. There's no way someone could have masqueraded as this company by setting up a similar domain name, using a different phone number and then once contacted obviously confirming it's all legitimate is there . Coupled with the recent change of tennant/movement activity at this address. It still begs the question why Terence Tsang is involved and why one of the so called senior partners of the firm hasn't come forward and released some kind of official statement. I've drafted my letter of denial, as I've never downloaded the game. Infact it looks to be the type of game that drives me absolutely mad. I'm a championship manager/Pro Evo player. Oh and Brian Lara. All of which I have on PS/xbox. I use my computer for web design and I also have a recording set up. My wireless connection is also secure so in my eyes theres no way that game can have been downloaded by anyone using my internet connection. Not to mention the fact I'm in a part of the country where we're still only on 1mb broadband at the very best of times. The game at a stated 1.3Gb or 1307.01 (i presume in Mb) as they put it, would have taken ages to download, not something I have the patience for. Then there's the question of computer specs. I have a laptop and a desktop. The desktop I built in 2001 and is seriously out dated in terms of gaming. IT is however sufficient for my web design and office documents. My laptop is one of the first which came with Vista pre installed and as such has the equivalent processing power of a hamster running in a ball! I tried to install Tiger woods golf on it and it just started crying!!!
  8. What if you didn't download it or even have the P2P client on your computer at anytime? I want to know how easy it would be to pose as an ACS law partner and contact Sky, Virgin Media, e.t.c to get the Ip details. Presenting certificates originally granted to Davenport Lyons over a year ago in most cases. There's something not right about it. Everywhere on the internet ACS law is given the .co.uk domain ending which in my opinion they have merely used for email. Why do they suddenly have a new website registered in the name of a known cybersquatter, with a different domain ending .org.uk? Why is the website constantly updating to cover up mistakes pointed out on here and other forums? If Davenport Lyons/ACS Law employed this Terence Tsang would it be sufficient for him to knock up a website in Joomla in a few hours with most of the old documentation from Davenport Lyons? Someone needs to come forward from this Law firm and speak to the media.
  9. It just seems wrong. I want to know if he is an employee of theirs or not. If he isn't nor is he at ACS:Law or ever worked as some kind of consultant with either company then something really doesn't add up.
  10. Did you see my earlier post with the notesonevidence document I downloaded and screen captured? His name is in the author field and the company is Davenport Lyons. Also with .org.uk being reserved for not for profit organisations surely this suggest ACS Law are working at only an administrative cost and not for profit.
  11. Am I the only one here to question the involvement of a know cybersquatter? I want to know what involvement Terence Tsang has with Davenport Lyons or ACS:Law Why do they also have a .org.uk name which are reserved for Charities?
  12. There's something way too fishy about it all. Different emails/phone numbers/the ever changing website. I really want to know why this T Tsang is involved.
  13. What I want to know is: 1. Does Terence Tsang work for Davenport Lyons/ACS:Law? 2. If not why was his name in the Author field for the word document? 3. The difference between .org.uk and .co.uk is massive. What is the reason for this and why is Terence Tsang the owner of the .org.uk domain name? 4. Why is the website constantly changing to hide all the mistakes being pointed out by people on the various forums. This suggests a very unprofessional manner. Surely a website would have been created initially, not after the letters have been sent out.
  14. I've just noticed something else. I downloaded the document notesonevidence.doc from their website. I then opened this in word and just clicked properties. Here is what I found. Something fishy about that.
  15. The main thing about this, that no one seems to have addressed, has anyone actually downloaded these games? I know I haven't. Movies? Yes ,but come and look at my collection of DVD's (£100's spent) Music? Of course, but again come and look at my CD collection. (£1000's easily) Like other here I'd never heard of the game until today. The only game I ever play on the computer is Champ Manager. ACS - Ambulance Chasing Solicitors.
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