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  1. I would be more than happy to help you if I can. Emmzi's advice is excellent, you need to begin with a description of events to date.
  2. Thanks very much for your advice, which is appreciated.. One half of me wants to tell them where to stick their job but my pride wont let me do it mainly because I didn't do anything wrong in the first place. You read about these things but never appreciate quite how vunerable you are against allegations like this, until it happens to you. Cheers
  3. 1. 10 years 2. Sexual assault ( obviously this was not true or I would not be here complaining to the world about it) 3. Sexual assault, 6 months Suspension from work, CPS & Police dropped all charges 3 months ago but Company refused to do the same wanting to conduct their own investigation...Never carried one out once they realised that I would fight it and they never produced any further evidence to justify the continued suspension. They now claimed to have 'lost' some of the original statements that led to the suspension!..........I believe it's personal and that they just wa
  4. I would seriously appreciate any advice anyone can offer regarding "Breach of Trust & Confidence" I was suspended by my employer for months now over a very serious allegation which was investigated by the Police and the CPS before being dropped by both several weeks ago due to a lack of evidence (it never happened). My employer however ignored Police advice and continued to suspend me in order to conduct their own investigation. Last week they finally dropped the original allegation but claimed that I am now in Breach of Trust & Confidence......... which is gross mis
  5. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for your good advice. I will put a letter together tomorrow and I will ask the Insurance Company for further clarification from their legal team Thanks Qantum
  6. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yes, unfortunately it does appear to be down to me to resolve this problem which is why I am so grateful for advice from people like yourself. Nobody expects to discover a problem 20 years after you have paid a solicitor to complete you affairs. Had I read the small print several times over then unfortunately I would probably still be in the same situation and still unaware that a problem existed
  7. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yes, I do still have the original Endowment Policy although i would not know where to begin in terms of the small print. My position is that I paid professional people, professional rates.........to do a professional job............ and some where along the line it went wrong without anyone informing me. Surely, correcting that wrong should not be my responsibility? It's two weeks today since my last letter was recieve
  8. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for taking the trouble to reply Your point about Mrs XXXX no longer existing in law is an interesting question.........I am not holding out much hope ........but I will put it to the Insurance Company later this week!
  9. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The property was originally purchased via an Endowment Policy linked to a Mortgage with the Woolwich Building Society. The matured endowment policy was to be sufficient to pay of the mortgage. It was agreed during the divorce proceedings that I would remain in the property and solely retain the mortgage and the associated endowment policy. A second smaller policy was taken out to cover the additional sum borrowed in order to pay my ex-w
  10. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you very much for your reply, Apparently the property was changed into my sole name but the Insurance Company say that the joint insurance policy was not re-assigned to me alone because my solicitor failed to return a form and I only discovered this week’s ago when I applied for my money from the matured policy.
  11. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your reply that is appreciated, Yes, I do have a copy of the original Consent Order stamped by the County Court. The Insurance Company however have proved only slight more helpful than the Solicitors and only then once I discovered the original policies. They are adamant that they will not pay me until my solicitor resolves the re-assignment issue. I do not understand if the reassignment form that they sent to my Solicitor is a legal ob
  12. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ No my letters were faxed to the Solicitor's office and on each ocassion I rang shortly afterwards to confirm that they had been received. My last letter was sent over a week ago and I was told it was being fowarded to the senior partner, neddless to say, he has not replied. I appreciate that mistakes can happen but surely its how you treat people once you relise a mistake has been made that is so importan
  13. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I want to avoid that, if at all possible, since it sounds long winded and potentially very expensive
  14. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for your reply I am not sure if the Consent Order presented to the court is actually checked afterwards to ensure it's terms are met.........or is just a means to establish that both parties are willing to accept it's terms and that it is down to the Solicitors to ensure that it's terms are met?
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